Best 6 button Genesis controllers?


I thought I’d pick one up but apparently there’s a whole bunch of models out there, based on looks and a little bit of research I went with this one:

Correct me.


You will probably be fine. People on the Sega forums argue over this subject.

These are the original which are generally preferred because of the solid dpad.

And here is the wireless version. They are IR based but work very well as long as you maintain a line of sight with the console.


Interesting. So the dpad is better on the original model and the buttons are better on the new one with the turbo functions and stuff?


Those controllers you referenced are Genesis 3 era which is when Majesco started manufacturing the console. I don’t personally like them but I’ve heard people say they prefer them. The one I linked is more similar to a Saturn pad. I would say get both. You may still prefer the turbo pad.


One and one seems like a good idea. I mean this is important shit. I gotta do what Nintendon’t!

Thanks Kyle.


The Performance Superpad:

^^ Never had the genesis one but the Sega Saturn version of this pad(Superpad 8) was fantastic.

~TG, Sega does what Nintendon’t


I agree with True Grave’s last post. Those pads were (are) awesome.


Well dammit, now I’m all conflicted.


I need to buy a 6 button too. I’ve picked up my first grey Japanese saturn pad last week and didn’t realize how small it was. Looking at pics of it, i thought it was about the same size a a 3 or 6 button genesis controller. The D-pad does feel awesome though. Better than my 3 button. Does the 6 buttons D-pad have more of a saturn D-pad or 3 button D-pad?


I’m thinking official on this one. Always good to stick to official stuff.


It always bugged me that my official Sega 6-button pad would prevent Forgotten Worlds from booting proper :frowning:


Which one was that? I’m thinking I’ll get the 2 different official ones, the turbo one and the regular one.


Forgotten Worlds just needs a mode button - same as Golden Axe 2. The problem comes in when you have a joystick with no mode button. Then you are really screwed.


Tbh, any of the pads in this thread are good. It’ll really come down to personal preference. I think it’s a good idea to go with the 2 official ones and see how things go from there.