Best 6 Button 'Street Fighter' Controller for Vista64 MAME?


I’m looking to buy a USB joypad for my PC. I’m looking for one that
has 6 buttons on the face ala Street Fighter.
Can anyone recommend a high quality USB 6 button joypad similar to the
Microsoft Sidewinder that is compatible with MAME32 and VISTA 64 bit?

I’d appreciate any help!
I am dying to play SSF2T again!



For price and best performance. The best thing to do is get a Sega Saturn controller from ebay and a 3 In 1 PC Joybox which lets you use a Sega Saturn controller for PC. Unfortunately though, controllers with a single button style dpad like the Saturn and SF Anniversary pad wear out and lose performance over time. But Sega Saturn controllers are plentiful over ebay. The playstation platform sega saturn style controller though is extremely rare though that one you can take offline.

Thanks for the info DIMMU SAKURABA.
Are there any PC based Vista/MAME compatible USB controllers out there that match up to the Sidewinder Joypad? I’m not too interested in using an ancient Saturn controller.

Thanks Again,


If the sidewinder is seriously better than the sega saturn controller. Oh boy, I’d like to check it out. I mean, once I played the Sega Saturn controller, everything else seems inferior for 3s as far as d-pad goes. Not gonna speak for everybody (since most people play stick) but Sega Saturn pad really is the top quality controller for fighting games until the d-pad wears out.