Best actiony competitive couch multiplayer that aren't fighters/shooters?


Towerfall? Nidhogg? Samurai gunn? Lethal league?

Right now I’d give the nod to towerfall


Smash Bros.


Peep Gran Turismo Sport in november




Paragon isn’t exactly a shooter, so I’ll go w/ that.


btw i just found out a gamebreaking tactic in nidhogg so it is near impossible to lose "/


Try it bro. Great party game.




agreed windjammers is pretty gud. maybe too shallow??? i tried to figure out which character was best but couldnt come to any conclusions.


wario ware


He said “best”.


Competitive… hmmm…

How about Turtles in Time?

Go for points.




I hate having to go all the way back to the DC, but my initial, immediate reaction was Power Stone.


DC is superior for all 4 player games.
The fact that 75% of all arcade games at the time were released on it, makes it untouchable.


powerstone 1 or 2 though???


powerstone 1 is better as a 1v1 fighter imo, the camera is closer in, the maps are smaller, and there’s less of a burden of knowledge compared to power stone 2 where there’s like 200 items good luck remembering what each of them do

powerstone 2 has a lot more wacky shit goin on if you like that. stage transitions, randomly spawning environmental weapons. it’s also kinda your only option if you want 4 players cause ps1 was only 1v1.


You can’t go wrong ith soccer games like Pro Evolution and the lesser game Fifa.


are those sports games actually competitive? i always thought they were just played cuz they were popular and people are dumb




Sports games can be fun couch games at parties. Fifa, nhl, and nba are better than mlb and nfl for 4 people