Best AE Players, Characters Specific

I am trying to make a list of the best player for each character in the game. This is definitely open for debate. Thanks for your help, this my list.

Abel: Juicebox
Adon: Gamerbee
Akuma: Tokido
Balrog: PR Balrog
Blanka: T SRai
Cammy: ???
Chun Li: ???
Cody: Momochi
C. Viper: Latif
Dan: Stipfighter
Dee Jay: ???
Dhalsim: Darui
Dudley: Marn
E. Honda: Mike Ross
El Fuerte: Gipie
Evil Ryu: Kindevu
Fei Long: Fudo
Gen: Amiyu
Gouken: Bullcat
Guile: ???
Guy: Kiryu
Hakan: Wildcat
Ibuki: Sako
Juri: Neo
Ken: Momochi
M. Bison: Neurosis
Makato: Shiro
Oni Wildcat
Rose: Luffy
Rufus: Justin Wong
Ryu: Alex Valle
Sagat: Rf
Sakura: Uryo
Seth: Poongko
T.Hawk: KojiKOG
Vega: ???
Yang: Nemo
Yun: Daigo
Zangief: Itabashi Zangief

the best chun right now is haneyama imo

I see so many things wrong with your list. For starters, can we still say Daigo’s the best Yun on the planet after his poor performance in God’s Garden 4? Sure, he placed better than Momochi in Evo but he was playing very poorly. Shiro’s Makoto is much stronger than V-Ryu, we can’t forget about 801 Strider either. Both Wildcat and Eita have a better Oni Akuma than Chris Hu. El Fuerte would probably be GiPie in my opinion, there are some strong Japanese Elf players as well. TKD comes to mind, he’s made a switch to Boxer if I’m not mistaken.

This is all opinion, might want to make it where you can list 2 or 3 top players per character, instead of “the best”

El Fuerte: Iori


Guy - Nox2 or Kiryu.

El Fuerte-Gipie and TKD but TKD is not playing AE at the moment :frowning:

I am here:,-67.189169

Ken-Banana Ken
And Dawgtanian was a pretty good El Fuerte too

The only notable Guy player I can think of is Combofiend (you can never go wrong putting Combofiend on a list)

Looks pretty out of date dude. Gamerbee and wildcat don’t even play those characters any more.

I think Itabashi Zangief has the best footsies out of all the zangief players

T.Hawk should go to KojiKOG.

why not have best us/jp/euro?

SpabRog is the best Fuerte. Yes I’m biased.

Kiryu is a beast Guy.

Vega: I vote Vegaman because he will throw you ten times in a row and not give two fucks about four fucks.

Shiro is an amazing Makoto.

I’m thinkin Itabashi Zangief or Vangief for gief.

dudley - thirtyfour

Evil Ryu should be - Mr. Naps / Kindevu

Ryu should be - Air / Laugh / Alex Valle

Oni should be - Wao / Chris Hu / Eita

Fei - Mago / Fuudo

Yun - Daigo / Kazunoko

Makoto - Shiro / Haitaini

Dan - Stripfighter4 / ultradavid

Gouken - Bullcat

Ken - Banana Ken / Playerjun52/ (momochi)

There are many players for 1 character. I dont think you can tell all the time whos the best.

Rose: Gootecks


There’s going to be no right answers, mostly our favorites since half of these there’s not enough vidz to truly evaluate and less than half to fairly compare between the best. Having said that it’s still fun to debate and at least get the names out there of who’s good/impressive so if we ever want to p/u a new character we know who to look up.

A few are pretty clear or at least most universally considered the best. So I’m just going to throw some names out there not all of whom I think is the best…

Akuma-Infiltration. I’d love to see him face off against Tokido
Cody-Sasaki. Personally I like Momochi’s better.
Dhalsim-Filipino Champ. People hate him but he’s got mad skills.
**Dudley-Jupiter KOF. **I’ve only seen a handful of his vids but they’ve been impressive.
Ken-MOV. Again I think Momochi’s better, but I love seeing MOV’s in action. If he keeps improving he’ll definitely challenge for no. 1.
M. Bison-Dogura, Neurosis, Kim1234. Haven’t seen much of them to distinguish. Just know they’re considered Japan’s best.
Ryu-Daigo. Just bc he doesn’t main him doesn’t mean he lost it. Otherwise I like Air.
**Vega-Makoto. **Was hella impressive at GodsGarden last year and Shadowloo Showdown even though there’s limited vids of him.

**Cammy- -6. **With Sako and Alioune moving, he’s become my new inspiration along with some of the Justin Wong.

I’m sure theres more but those are a few off the top of my head.

lol champ the best Dhalsim? What about YHCmochi?

Just updated the list with your feedback. does anyone know of a good dee jay, cammy, guile, chun li, or vega player.

Hard to say who is better than who. Maybe Champ is better than Mochi in certain matchups than others and vice versa, but in general I’ve been more impressed by Champ. He’s got an unorthodox yet effective style of play. Maybe I’m more biased because I’ve seen more of Champ’s matches than Mochi’s though.