Best AI to play against

I don’t want to bother going online, I just want to play this against AI. Which version should I go for?

Japanese if you want to beat the game … because it’s easier than the US-World rom version.
U.S-World is the best if you want to learn the dos and don’ts against AI input reading.

Super Turbo’s AI is absolute bullshit and fighting it is an exercise in masochism.

Blatant input reading, not having to charge for charge moves, rapid-fire inputs, inflicting much more damage in one combo than you can with the exact same combo…GO FOR IT, MAN!

Also, JP version lol:

I notice that the better I get, the easier it is to beat CPU. It’s good for practicing execution I think, as long as you don’t think of it in terms of learning matchup/footsies.

It’s a good way to fine-tune your execution, as well as some basic strategies for handling certain matchups. You’d be surprised what you’d learn by playing against the CPU.

But it’s no replacement for player v. player.

CPU is always waiting for u to press a button to react. LOL WTF WHAT THE FUCKIN HELL!

teah, DGV learned a lot of his pokes playing vs the CPU