Best alpha 3, sf2t characters for gba

I don’t know them but I would like 2 know can anyone help me out I know most of yours are for the playstation version of the game.

Pretty much the same as PS.

Except Put Shin Akuma at the top of SSF2TR

And take out the OG versions of the characters

As for Alpha 3 Upper.

Maki, Yun and Eagle don’t threaten the top tiers for the PS verison IMO. Though Yun is alot of fun. And they are welcome I reckon. I can’t remember if Shin Bison is in The PS version.

I meant for GBA I don’t have ps, I just want 2 know whats the best characters in gba ssft2 I think on the gba and a3

I don’t know if a3 4 playstation has shin akuma, evil ryu, final vego/bison or if they are even any good, anyways if anyone has the gba version I would like 2 know please also for a3 what is the best ism for each unit, and if ssft2 can get the old units like the normal ssf2 anyways thanks for any info.

That was my top tiers for the GBA.

The Top Tiers for PS/Dreamcast/Saturn are pretty much the same as Gameboy. So you can refer to the PS top tier and ism lists for a pretty acurate judgement on the charcaters for the GBA.

I don’t wanna type what Players have typed out a millon times. And besides, there is still alot of debate on which is best anyway. I mostly choose the characters that are most fun since it’s hard to find people to challenge Gameboy to Gameboy.

And mostly play GBA and Acrade verisons of thoughs games since I’m on the road alot.

As for ISM’s? Vism is the best if your up for it for most Characters. The Button layout on GBA makes alot of the Vism combos alot tricker though. There are so really good Alpha 3 guides at with Vism combo help. James Chen’s (I think thats his name) is especailly good. Theres also codes there to unlock all the extra Ism Pluses and Modes etc.

Shin Akuma V
Ryu V
Sagat V
Ken V
Sakura V
Cody V (Fireballs do no block damage)
Fei Long V

Are My favs

As for SSF2TR I’ve never been able to get the arcade codes for the OG characters to work on my game.

Also here’s something you might find interesting. Here’s screenshots from arcade and GBA verisons of the game I found on the net. It’s pretty freaky how close Crawfish the GBA.

I hope all this has helpt.

And the same shot from the arcade version

and what speed do people use for game speed in tournaments in ssf2t, and ssa3? and what damage system I am just courious I think I will use dhaslim because he is crazy

I’ve got the Evo 2002 DVD. Dhalsim is a Top tier in SSFT. He’s awesome.

I also dig him in Alpha3 but he ain’t quite as powerful has he was in Super turbo. He’s got mad skills. Very cool in Vism. And his air throw super kicks ass.

The default setting for damage is usally pretty accurate. Though I usally set damage to 1 (Weakest) That way it’s harder to get perfects and the fights last longer.

As for speeds I’m unsure. On the DVD it looked like it was turbo 2.
But I think GBA’s speed settings are out of whack with the arcade anyway. I usally play on Turbo 1 for That game but that is just me. I’ve seen some people Put the Setting on a Slower setting to mess their challengers timing. Some cabnets of SF you can’t change the speed. Depends on how the arcade has the setup.

u crazy dhalsim in A3 is a killer especially in in A