Best alt for Zangief?



I’m loving Gief and am ranked top 10 currently. I really want to get better and better and start going to local lans, but Sagat/Dhalsim and other matchups such as juri/rose are still very frustrating. What do you guys think would be the best alternate?

I’d imagine Yun would not require as much practice to stay fresh as Evil Ryu/Cammy/Ibuiki/Viper, as his combos are easy, but I don’t know if any other gief players have success with a different alt? Or if anyone has any advice.

In AE, I managed to get my Sakura to a level where I was comfortable picking her for my bad matchups, but she got absolutely butchered in Ultra and I’ve dropped her completely.


If Zangief’s best strategy against Sagat or Dhalsim is to change characters and use Akuma, then your probably better off maining Akuma, and get him to Grand Master level. But then you shall be back at square one, when you have to seek a counter pick for his bad match ups and so on.

Ultimately, if winning and handling bad match-ups is your main concern, Zangief isn’t the character for you. You need to go with whatever the current fashion trend is. After all, isn’t it all about the prize?


Online rankings mean shit, I’m sorry. I recently played the #1 Gief on PSN and he was garbage. Just the typical online gimmick Gief. Now you may be very good but my point is high online rankings don’t equate to skill level most of the time. Plus 9/10 Giefs online are truly terrible but they get away with that retarded style of play so that’s all they know and do.


Two dumb ass responses from 2 clowns.

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Beastgief, Don’t be a fucken douche. Would you prefer no comment at all?

Your contributions are welcomed, but whatever attitude/baggage that got you banned from Eventhubs is unwelcomed here.


Actually, yes. I would prefer no comment to the two replies I received, which didn’t even attempt to answer my question, one of which simply insulted me.


I was about to answer your question, but this post made me not want to.

Find your alt yourself.


any idiot can be top 10 since the ranks got deleted. and rose - gief isn’t bad enough to look for a counter


I don’t really like his new summer vacation alt. He’s in scuba gear.

I would love it if he was in a Hawaiian Poker Shirt, board shorts and Shades.


I’ve been playing gief a lot the past few weeks and as a Dan and Adon main i that that Adon beats most of Zangiefs bad matches that I have run into.I guess it really depends on what you are looking for in an alt to compliment your play style


It looks great while playing though, also since the entire suit can be in one color I feel like cr.MK can be hidden even more than with any of the other outfits, I could be crazy though, haha.


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AHAHHAHAHAH I personally like his Haggar alt.

Are these the answers you seek OP?


Statistically if you want to beat Sagat and Sim, Cammy or Yun would be great picks.


ive been researching the same thing myself. so far rose and adon seem to be the best of the non top 5s. my rose is leveling up but I notice I still do better with gief in bad matchups. just from this personal experience I think an alt should be for a fun refreshing change of pace rather than to win tourneys with gief.


oh and decapre. adon rose and decapre.