Best Alternate for Cammy



I’ve played a bunch of characters alongside cammy but i wanted to know who her best partner would be justin wong said akuma which i don’t wanna spend countless hours learning every single match-up with akuma & learn all of his set-up’s i was thinking maybe sagat since he can beat up on ppl tht keep her out well


I play Guile and Fei on the side, also a little Rose. Guile to get some patience and learn to turtle, Fei to sharpen up the footsies.


i know how to play the game i have footsies with her & i’m pretty patient with cammy but you need to rush down to win idk who beats characters she losing to


I think she has a hard time with grapplers so Guile, Sagat or like Akuma would do well I guess


Justin is absolutely right. Yes akuma is the best alt. In 2012. (And chun li imo)

Ultra. It’s still up for debate.

We have new matchups to deal with (fuk poison) in addition to buffed existing characters (fuk yun).

Personally I’ve been using rose since 09 as an alt. Not planning to change that any time soon. I enjoy both characters. Cammy explosive fun. Rose slow and steady kinda fun. I have learned to deal with matchups for both for a long time now.

I also use poison (as a counter pick vs cammy/honda/hugo specifically) when I don’t want to deal with those characters.


i was thinking guile & yun since yun is too good not to use but i might have to re-think about learning a defensive character for her to win with or just adapt with her thanks for the info thoug


I still use Cammy, but sold my soul for Yun. St.hp combos are much more satisfying than fishing for a shoulder into red focus. Bison was my main. I was kinda following the Justin thing too, for Yun, which was Guile/Sagat/Fei but I’m not sure if that’s even relevant anymore for most characters.

I was using Yun, but switched to Cammy. She could do what she wanted, when she wanted in AE2012, just because people wouldn’t adapt. Now in Ultra it’s the complete opposite. Against Poison, Cammy may have a hard time getting in, but there’s one man who doesn’t…

I would say Rose is a better pick than Guile if you can use her well. I’m lost on Akuma right now. I also used Ken, don’t think he complements Bison, Cammy, or Yun well. I’m just comfortable using him the most against grapplers (online and Bison offline).


I use akuma and recently picked up poison as pockets alongside Cammy. Akuma bec his movespeed is similiar and he is pretty fun. Poison bec of Boring matchups like Honda, and grapplers.


i’ma have to play around with yun & akuma to figure out who can beat her bad match-up’s imo i think yun & cammy lose to grapplers but akuma can beat them he just has to play “lame” which i can do i mean he’s fun yun’s also fun but lets see wht happens thanks for the incite guys


Tbh I never had problems against grapplers with Cammy. I struggle most of the time against Gief with Yun. Been told to just play it and stop counter picking/using who I’m more comfortable with.


i’ve been running ryu as my secondary to cammy even though shes too fucking “cheap” i think having a fireball against grapplers is easier for me anyway because i can control the pace of the match thanks for the ideas just don’t think its a perfect combo but it’s been working


chun li has become pretty much the perfect alt for me, although I still think poison beats both chun and cammy, chun does alot better in the matchup. Chun helps improve other areas of my game that cammy excels in, learning to anti air for example. Sometimes I feel like having a dp to aa is like using cody to frametrap, easy.


I’ve noticed a lot of Japanese Cammys used to use Yun/Rufus (since 2012), but I’m thinking they just like divekick? I think I try to analyze people’s alts too much, rather than they just like the other character. They used Sakura also, same for Yun mains.