Best alternative character supplementing Ryu

Ryu has traditionally some tough matchups (e.g. Dhalsim) and I wanted to learn a new character. So I wrote a script that calculates the best Ryu supplement.

I used the last character rankings from EventHubs I could find, which are quite old (October 2010), and calculated the matchups where you can effectively counter pick. So I took all of Ryus bad matchups, that are < 5 (required ratio), and gave each character a point for every of Ryus bad matchups where they have at least >= 5.

Here are my results:

Using required ratio: 5 (like example above)

Gen: 0; Hakan: 0; Ryu: 0; Makoto: 1; Guy: 1; Dan: 1; Sagat: 2; Dudley: 2; Sakura: 3; T. Hawk: 3; Vega: 3; Cody: 3; Juri: 3; Gouken: 3; Akuma: 4; Abel: 4; Blanka: 4; Fuerte: 5; Ibuki: 5; Adon: 5; Rose: 5; Fei L.: 5; Rufus: 5; Dhalsim: 5; Cammy: 5; Balrog: 5; Guile: 5; C. Viper: 6; Dee Jay: 6; Zangief: 6; Ken: 6; M. Bison: 6; Honda: 6; Seth: 8; Chun-Li: 8

This means that you can counter pick every of Ryus bad matchup, as long as your alternative character is either Seth or Chun-Li.

Using required ratio: 6
Gen: 0; Dudley: 0; Ryu: 0; Juri: 0; Cody: 0; Rose: 0; Ken: 0; Guy: 0; Makoto: 0; Hakan: 0; Dan: 0; Sakura: 0; Akuma: 1; Fei L.: 1; Ibuki: 1; Vega: 1; Blanka: 1; Balrog: 1; Dee Jay: 1; Gouken: 1; Fuerte: 2; Adon: 2; T. Hawk: 2; Sagat: 2; Rufus: 2; Dhalsim: 2; Honda: 2; C. Viper: 3; Seth: 3; Abel: 3; Cammy: 3; M. Bison: 3; Zangief: 4; Guile: 4; Chun-Li: 5

Chun-Li has actually an advantage in 5 of Ryus bad matchups.

Problems with the calculations:
[]The data I use is very old and does not even apply to SSFIV AE (as it is only SSFIV).
]This does not take player preferences into account
[*]The result is only an indicator for which alternative char you should pick
I would appreciate if you could point me to more recent character rankings for SSFIV AE.
If this data would apply to the current version I would choose Seth, as I like his play style and I would not have any bad matchups.

Seth is consider the best character in 2012 version according to top japanese players.

I agree, he’s easily my worst matchup and I only use ryu. He just has soooooooo many tools which are supposedly balanced out with his low health and stun, but I dont think thats the best way of balancing a character up cause you might never get an opportunity to land the necessary damage due to all the tools Seth has!

if only that was the problem…the real issue is all the shortcuts in SF4 making long 7-10 hit combos pretty easy to pull off. Yeah, characters like Viper/Seth has low health, but there damage and comeback potential is ridiculous. Making them generally dangerous, and making you play more cautious many times giving them to only opportunity for a comeback.

auto-correct, dp shortcut all bs…fundamental characters are still the most fun I have with SF4. Viper, Yun/Yang/Ibuki/Seth/Elf etc, no disrespect to players that main them or anything, but i wish they were just in a separate game.

Even though the sim match is really hard, it’s still about patience, footsies, and generally being the better player. I’d rather play 100 of those than go up against THE VORTEX!!! oooohhhhhh…so lame…

Zangief IMO as best alternative.

lol seth’s dmg output is still shit compared to everyone

Personally Id list who’s Ryus worst matchups. IMO Dhalsim, Guile, Seth (and online Blanka). Then just find the best counter pick character… which is probably Seth.

Well ryu does well now in 2012. vs Guile.

Sim it’s still a pain in the ass to deal with. I wonder if Yun still does good against him.

Do people find the guile matchup tough? I love this matchup and usually end up coming out on top, even if I lose a round here and there. I usually use U2 in the guile matchup. Sim is a tough matchup cause you cant get in, Seth is tough cause you cant get out lol.

I find that Yun generally wins almost all of Ryu’s bad match ups from that list except for Seth, Balrog, Honda, Ken. Cammy and Gief is debatable from player to player.
Guile seems to be and even match-up for Yun now because of divekick nerfs and damage. You have to treat Guile somewhat like a lesser version of Sagat now.

Ryu seems to take care of Yun’s bad match-up too like Sagat and etc.

I am not quite certain if this is the case, but are Rose and Juri considered bad matchups for Ryu in 2012? As I only have AE (no 2012) now I cannot elaborate on that, but I think that Rose is quite good against Ryu. Juri could be a problem, because the old matchup was close and she got a lot of buffs.

I consider Rose to be slightly beat Ryu in the match-up but it’s really close to even. 4.5 Ryu. Her normals and those reflects shut down Ryu mid to far range. Her dash is insane. Juri on the other hand pretty much owns Ryu with 6.5:3.5 or 6:4. You can’t effectively zone Juri due to her fast dash, great FA, that jumping “divekick” that passes through projectile, fast recovering projectile and good normals.

lol I don’t think she owns him. You just can’t really be predictable. Her divekick is still punishable as well as her pinwheel still. I heard she got some good buffs though but I haven’t seen them yet.