Best American stick parts?

What are the overall best/favorite American arcade part. HRAPs are good I heard. Or are those not American?

HRAPs are not american, they are japanese.

Best american parts are

Sticks: Competition (if you like microswitches) or P360 (if you like LED precision [personally, I think P360 is the best])

Buttons: Competition convex. Nothing else beats them.

close thread… this is all the guy needs

Co sign. Nothing against horizontal HAPP buttons though. I like both.

Thanks alot.

Can’t you get Competition buttons with horizontal microswitches?

Yeah, I just checked Happ’s site and they don’t even carry Competition buttons with the vertical microswitches installed. Assuming, of course, that they ship buttons with microswitches already in.

As far as I know, Comp buttons only come with horizontal microswitches. I was referring to the concave buttons (with the surface cupped in) with the horizontal microswitches. I don’t like ultimate pishbuttons at all. The don’t hit the microswitch directly, they “slide” past it activating it. I guess this can wear out the switch quicker or to the point where the button has to be pressed harder/further to activate. I’m not 100% sure about this as I won’t buy any ultimates. I like comp buttons best because they require so little pressure to activate. The standard horizontal microswitch concave buttons are good as well. I’d play with either.
Yeah all their buttons come with microswitches but I don’t think installed.