Best Anchor in the Game?

Just wondering who the best anchor is? I know level 3 Wesker is a beast, does phoenix really count as one? Who would be the top anchors in the game?

I like Spencer.


I use Amaterasu. Even though she doesn’t gain a speed boost, her combos are pretty brutal and are easy to catch the other person in (especially with the Jump Cancel that helps to throw the other person off guard)

technically phoenix but besides her

-Wesker (just hit buttons with him lol)
-Trish (quick,solid damage,traps on incoming enemies gives a free 50/50)
-Taskmaster (high priority grabs that take away bout 60% life on average)
-Magneto (every reason hes good on point except multiplied by 50)
-Doom (solid anchor,most damaging lvl1 super in the game besides gamma crush tht does 850k for 1 bar lol, jumping gun because amazing)
-Deadpool(super fast teleport,quick work loop with xfactor,good assist punishing,overhead that can cross up,goes over low attacks,and leads to death very underrated)
-Akuma(probably the best anchor aside from Phoenix, best beam super,tatsu still beats everything,combo of all his grabs and quick overhead thats almost impossible to react too)
-Iron Man(gets way faster and does way more damage can combo of some of his throw, really high priority normals that lead to death with xfactor)
-Storm(hailstorm chip,punishing fullscreen supers with elemental rage,fastest high low in the game…did i mention hailstorm?)

You forgot Taskmaster’s Legion Arrows. They chip pretty heavy too.
Akuma + Lv 3 X Factor + Shun Sastu Goku = No Survivors (Just make sure they’re grounded or landing)

I definitely consider XF Felicia within top 3 or 5 XF3’s in the game. She’s the only character in the game that gets her own assist to utilize in level 3 XF which allows her to just run at you and put you in death combos and infinites and even if you hit her unless you find a way to make the kitty run in the wrong direction you’ll end up getting smacked out of the combo. Gets self unblockables on top of a regular throw, air throw and 5 frame command grab that all set up death combos in XF3. Characters with fast teleports or fly can run away from it and burn it out but most of the other cast has to kinda just deal with it and if she ends up hitting one of your characters as long as she has XF the whole team is pretty much ruined because she’ll always have meter for kitty unblockables to give her broken setups when they come in…

I honestly believe there should be three sections on shoryuken by now called: The Point, The Assist, and The Anchor, listing off (so far) who the best of each are in the game.

Dormammu with a lot of meter can be pretty scary, stalking flare X-factor stalking flare is a crudload of chip, probably enough to kill a character.

Idk about best but I prefer akuma/sentinel/shuma gorath as my anchors

Anchor is another name for “who can play point character when your other 2 characters are dead.”

I dont get the topic.

Who is also a great assist and benefits from meter and x-factor. Come on now.

xf makes most of the cast a viable anchor by making you only have to guess 3 times for the game, but my vote goes to Wesker. His insane normal damages are multiplied. All his mixups are safe. He can constantly put you into 50/50 situations with great utility and speed. and who else in the cast can confirm into a loop from a full screen projectile…into itself? Oh, and get hit by any of these and your character is dead. Even without xf, wesker in 3rd slot would mean a lot of excess meter, and a 3 barred wesker is still a free kill most of the time regardless.
But that doesn’t mean you’ll have a good team if you put wesker in 3rd slot, instead of a more helpful character with a better assist.
I don’t even believe that lvl3 xf is a high tier tactic outside of maybe phoenix teams, but if it comes down to it…

I was about to talk about his less than stellar assist but you covered that. You pretty much sacrifice a 2nd slot for a good assist for your point character in most cases. But yeah, all team synergy talk aside, Wesker is probably the best anchor in the game. (Phoenix doesn’t count. >_>)

I’m still using my original choice…Dormammu.

You’re right, you normally see Wong and Tokido burn their X-Factor asap to get an early lead, but it requires you to be perfect throughout. But think about it: how often do you SEE Wong’s Akuma? It’s rare. I think it’s just personal preference. X-Factor guard cancelling can be extremely useful, sometimes more useful than lvl 1 X Factor to kill their point.

Its just that the people who usually make threads like these, never really reach the glass ceiling where they could see the limitation of having someone who wasnt a good anchor. I mean, are you basing your team around who SRK thinks the best anchor is? You’re never going to be a good player with that mentality you’re approaching the game wrong IMO.


Yeah okay sure, if you’re *basing *your team off the opinions of others. But there’s nothing wrong with a second opinion, or a even a debate on the matter. But yeah, you need your own judgment and decision making on the matter before anything else.

Which would ultimately make a thread on who the best anchor is useless right?

just sayin.

No, not at all? We’re still creating a discussion on the matter. Maybe useless to the original poster, if they have no ideas in the first place. I’m sure they have their own ideas, but just wanted to know what everyone else thinks.

Annoying. Regardless, I think finding the best Anchor CHARACTERS is important just for people to find a good basis for a team. It doesnt always have to be about who’s X factor lvl 3 is better. but who works best as another assist and ALONE.

My vote is probably on Mags. I think he himself is just insanely strong and a gravity squeeze can easily destroy tons of characters instantly giving you a good option for the next character coming in.

Dormammu is good to, although I havent played him more than a few times, but been pushed aside sometimes by one.

Sentinel is rediculous, even with Kitten Armor.