Best and worst Anti air

out of the characters that you have been playing with who has the best and who has the worst anti air attack?

Never heard of a “bad” anti air.

It’s all about how you apply it.

But if you wanna talk insanely good anti-air, then Capt. Commando’s qcb+p is awesome

Kyosuke’s…AA…yeah I said it kyosuke…don’t hurt me please I am frail…

the old skool anti air is the shoryuken.

Cammy’s spike is great as well.

the dragon punch is a good anti-air. either that anything that hits up.

Dee Jay’s :d: + Roundhouse has magical properties…it’s rumored to be the only thing that can counter a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick, and cleanly trade hits with the mighty Kirk Chop.

Makoto’s Fukiage ftw. So awkward you actually have to force and manipulate your opponent to make it hit them most of the time.

Sarcasm aside =p too bad Fukiage couldn’t be considered an Anti-Air since it’s supposed to be used to encourage the enemy to stay up there longer. If 6 hits wasn’t the limit, players would be juggled with Fukiage until they died.

Can’t really say characters have good or bad anti-airs as well. A so-called BAD anti-air would have to be anything that was meant to knock an opponent out of the sky, but is just too slow to be used effectively. I don’t really think there are any moves except for DP/Flashkick type moves were made with the point of hitting an enemy that’s jumping at you in mind. Normal attacks can be used as anti-airs but they are usually intended as either launchers, big-damage punishers or possible combo starters. An anti-air either does it’s job or doesn’t, if it doesn’t, you shouldn’t be using it as an anti-air. This leads to some characters having no anti-airs (since throwing out a move that doesn’t really benefit you could get you killed =p). Strange topic… not really bad, has potential for discussion… but it’ll be a pretty short-lived one if anything. I guess the only way to rate any true anti-air special would be either on a scale of GOOD to BROKEN. Something like Ryu’s Dragon Punch would be Good whereas something like Rugal’s Genocide Cutter would be considered Broken since Rugal’s Genocide Cutter will catch you if you’re anywhere near Rugal in the air (unless you can Air Block) and Ryu’s Dragon Punch will only hit if you’re infront of him meaning theres a chance you could jump over him, but not Rugal. Rugal’s Genocide Cutter owns Guile’s Flash Kick, because you don’t need to charge it.

??? You only get one followup to Fukiage, regardless of number of hits before then. That “is” her anti air, go through every character’s moves in 3S, every ones srk move knocks or grabs opponents out of the air, even this one. Without reset setups and her kara range, though, you’d never be able to use it without the opponent mindlessly jumping over you the whole game:devil: Also would have to put Yun upkicks as pretty much worthless anti air.

A2 Adon’s command normal has to be one of the greatest anti-airs of all time.

Ryu’s standing roundhouse

cvs2 yamas qcfqcf+p super.

its too good!

Best anti air - cable? hurts like hell - not as much as capcoms -, send them fuckin flying, works good on wake up, plus cancels into ahvb3.

Worst? hmm…yuns shoryuken with a kick button? iono, ive never seen it used properly. same with alex’s anti air, only seen viscant use it well.

Yun’s EX anti-air kick is good on wake up and for getting out of corners, and the EX version of Alex’s anti-air is a huge part of his defense game.

The reason why you rarely see Yun players use it is because most of them are bent on getting Geneii Jin off and don’t want to waste the meter.

Some poor anti-airs that come to mind:

Amano Hyo’s :dp:+C in Last Blade 2. Weird hit angle and somewhat slow to hit.
Yuki’s :dp:+P in Last Blade 2 again. A version has too short a range, and the B version comes out way too slow.
Hugo’s anti-air throw in 3S. Gets stuffed by a lot and I mean a lot of normals.
Sean’s DP from 3S is also a given. Too bad considering how awesome his 2I one was.

Tiger Uppercut

Bisons Psycho Cannon in SFEX.

ryo and robert DP in AoF 1!!

SF1 Shoryuken. Instant kill > you

the topic is way too vague. i can say stupid shit like like a non hitting taunt is the worst anti air ever lol. that idea needs to be more specific

as for best, anything thats invincible of course, pre-ST dp’s. how can anything else truly compare? invincible til the apex, insanely fast startup, good damage, and knocks down. what the hell else you need?

For them to stay down so you don’t need to use a second one! :badboy: