Best and Worst games based on Marvel Comics


I know the is a Marvel Comics thread, however, it would be a better idea to talk about the game based on Marvel Comics in a seperate thread.


The Punisher beat 'em up by Capcom is probably one of the best.


That is only arcade right? Either way, I’ll definitely play this one.


Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Spider-Man 2, and The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction seem to be the most well-received.


I really enjoyed the Ultimate Spiderman game that came out on the PS2.


Punisher game was on Genesis too.
For the 16-bit era, I’ll give you some of my faves.

X-Men 2: Clone Wars

Spider Man: Animated Series
Captain America & The Avengers (fun for 2-player arcade action)
Seperation Anxiety
X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse

I didn’t like the first X-Men game for Genesis, nor Maximum Carnage for SNES. But give them a shot if you please.


The Punisher bemu is one of my favorite games. I’m always playing it either on my laptop or my PSP. XD


I hated the Mutant Academy/Next Dimension fighters. Clunky, boring, and had lame designs based on the shitty movies.


I loved X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse
Playing as Beast was cool, and when it first came out I thought it was top notch graphics and pleasently difficult. At least when I was 13 :slight_smile:

Xmen 2: Clone wars was fun too because I could use Night Crawler.

But the og Xmen fighting game was the bomb too. Children of the Atom; I think


Some of the worst:

Spider-man on gameboy
Wolverine on nes
X-men on nes
Silver Surfer on nes
Ironman on current gen consoles

Some of the best:

X-men Arcade
Captain america the avengers (NOT THE CONSOLE VERSION)
Vs series

This is just based off of personal experience, I haven’t played all of the Marvel games.


Wolverine: Adamantium Rage is pretty ass. Controls felt like terrible.

Strong atmosphere though. Shit was scary for no reason.


The MA series are ok. MA2 was decent but controls felt a little rough at times. ND was a little be smoother, but is a huge mess (too many glitches and stuff). I would say that MA2 is the best out of the MA series.


What was that Spiderman and Xmen game? The one where you’re gambit and you have to constantly run away from a big rolling ball, or you were Storm and you were constantly underwater trying to find air bubbles.

That game fucking sucked.


You’re thinking of Arcade’s Revenge. The music in that game is toppa toppa though.


I haven’t played every marvel game, but but I do know that Marvel’s X-Men on NES is among the worst games ever made. Wolverine on NES is also pretty cruddy, and Silver Surfer is an exercise in torture (but the music is awesome). Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six is pretty awful if only because of the incredibly bad controls. Captain America and the Avengers is probably the best Marvel game on the NES, and even then it’s painfully average and no where near as good as the arcade version (in fact it’s a completely different game aside from the title).

Basically all console Marvel games were crappy until X-Men on Genesis. There was a Spider-Man game on Atari 2600 that I don’t have any experience with, though.


X-Men Arcade is one of my favorites


Basically just watch the Angry Video Game Nerd episodes where he reviews that shit (excluding Iron Man). I remember Captain America and the Avengers at a Pizza place I used to go to all the time. Fun shit. Not an amazing beat 'em up but pretty good. That Wolverine Game based on the Wolverine movie was pretty good. If you like gore you should check it out.


This was a completely different game on SNES versus the Genesis version. Which are you talking about?

I know everyone has to know this:

“You will not escape!”

“YOU, will be the one escaping!”


X-men Origins: Wolverine on 360 and PS3 is the best one I’ve played through recently. It gets the character right for once, you use claws all the time and in very gory ways. It was much better than the movie it was based on. It’s basically a God of War ripoff but a fun one. I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the character or just good action games in general.

The Punisher beat’em up is pretty fun, I loaded it up on MAME a couple years ago and was laughing at the yells the Punisher lets out when he does pretty much anything. I think it is better than Konami’s X-men game. X-men is kind of boring, even for a beat’em up.

There is also Data East’s Capt. America and the Avengers. Arcade is best of course but the Genesis port is actually pretty fun too. SNES version is trash.

I only played Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions for a short time but it seemed pretty cool. Any game that lets you play as Spider-man 2099 must be good.


Yea I’d say this was the best Xmen game besides the arcade one.

For people that don’t know, you had to play each character at least once, and they all had special moves (QCF type moves, some dashing moves). Psylocke, Beast, Wolverine, Cyclops and Gambit.