Best anti Strider/Doom assists



Who do you think are the best assists against Strider/Doom?

heres what i think.

  1. Cyclops - AAA - It covers a lot of space, it lingers on Doom and it keeps Strider in block stun for a good amount of time.

  2. Sentinel - Projectile - this assist fucks up striders blocked chain due to the super armor, and strider cant throw out any animals safely from 3/4 of the screen away since he’ll get socked. It hurts too much.

  3. Ken - AAA - this assist rips thru dooms AAA like a hot knife thru butter.


Hm people say Felicia’s sandsplash is good against S/D


care to explain hows her sandsplash assist good?


i think it’s cuz if called right, the “sand” part of the attack will hit doom. but i’m sure it’s more of the super, which is the one where she kicks a whole desert at you. once you see doom, do the super, and strider will be forced to block. it hits in front and behind felicia, so strider’s not safe. i’m not sure, never tried it, but i read that somewhere.

oh, and normal sakura’s dash assist is supposed to be able to destroy traps.

EDIT: is the sandsplash her assist move, or her super? just realized this.


I haven’t tried this yet. But since Blackheart’s assist (where he covers the entire ground with lightning) does exactly what a SandSplash does. Could that mean that this could be an anti-Strider/Doom assist? It’s a little slow however and not instant like a sandsplash is. Or, how about Storm’s assist in which she lightning attacks across the screen?

If you are having trouble against Strider/Doom. Here’s some tips:

-With Storm, runaway like a bitch, but watch out for a superjumping->normal double jumping->attacking Strider (get ready to light his ass up!) . Also, watch out for a meter building Strider (vertical typhoon that shit!).
-Use Cyclop’s AAA, it’s not invincible, but it’s a bitch and the Strider/Doom player might have to adjust his trap a little bit.
-With Spiral, teleport all over the place (smartly of course) while Strider has Ouro on.
-From the start of the match, kill Strider fast, and don’t let him start orbs and don’t block anything…play super offensively because once strider dies…that puts a big cripple on the team. (that’s actually the best way to beat this team IMO)…this is Magneto’s only way of winning by the way
-If Strider bombxxOuro’s your Cable, have Sentinel’s assist soak up the bomb.
-Try to expect when Strider’s about to teleport behind you and air throw him.
-Learn how to use Sentinel b/c Strider has difficulty beating him. But Sentinel also has difficulty beating Strider!?
-Trap Strider before he traps you!
-Dr. Doom’s backward tiger knee motionxx2 punches (fast ass photon array super), beats Strider’s Ouroborous, and it also almost kills Strider. Use it smartly.
-Watch for any openings and instant DHC Strider’s ass. An opening could be when he’s throwing cats and birds, or activating Ouroborous.
-Instead of blocking the traps, just let yourself get hit by everything…just kidding…haha.


Blackhearts assist comes out to slow. When someone’s tryin to trap you ur not gonna have much space so since the blackheart AAA comes out slow nine times out of ten one of striders slashes or animals or doom’s rocks will hit him before BH does his assist.


BH only works if Sent is at point and already has you trapped. Anyway, pretty much any aa with instant startup will force a strider player to trap wisely. this includes

Cap America

As for Sent Projectile, i never have a problem with it. In most cases, a team with Sentinel projectile won’t have a very good AA with them. The worst is Cable, which isn’t that hard to get around. Just rush the fuck out of the point character while calling doom. doom will eat up sentinel before he punches.


I’m having trouble against Cable/Ironman (AAA) whenever I do bombxxOrbs against my friend, he gets me with AHVB and assists out Ironman

And the thing is Ironman’s AAA keeps the bomb away from Cable and Ironman X_X

and also against Ironman’s projectile assist also… my Strider has a hard time keeping the Ironman projectile from hitting my Doom, maybe its because I have no Orbs or I keep sending him out lol

but all the other matches I have are usually pretty good


props to your friend (or whoever) that came up with using IM to stop the bomb!

…the only thing i can recommend is to get in very close, then do the bomb xx orbs. if he calls IM in, orbs will hit him.

but if cable has a real AAA assist with him then watch out!

cable is probably S/D’s most annoying/hard matchup because of the AHVB. no sweat tho, the orbs absorb most of the damage…but that means you have wasted one meter which is BAD BAD BAD for S/D.

you can also try storm projectile at the same time while you bomb xx orbs. this way you know for sure IM won’t be an annoying prick. :smiley:


Only the Holy One the Burning Boy

what about Masters San for make fly these motherbuzzers
Ken can be the Holy One???


I use Strider/Doom/Sent tho LoL

Yeah Ironman AAA is freakin good when it comes out in full force
i’m going to be visiting these boards more often because i’m a pissed off strider/doom player who’s going to beat down Soo at least and Justin Wong later

XD i’ll come up with more stuff in the future and post it on here


Actually, when I mentioned Sentinel- projectile, i meant Cable with sentinel - projectile assist.

Too much zoning and too powerful rp.

and yeah, cables is pretty bad for strider also. FAST and knocks strider sky high.

cyke is worst than kens, imo.

kens is a bit too slow and dont have the range. still good against him tho.


I think if you bombXXOuroboros and mash to get orbs to fly out, they’ll hit IM and you don’t have to be close. IM can only come out as far as Cable is standing when he’s called.

If you’re close to Cable it’s just as risky because he can AHVB you before the bomb ever comes out completely and then you’re screwed the same way.

I think the worst case scenario would be Cable AHVBing, your orb hits IM and then your bomb hits Cable.

I could be wrong though, I’m not real good at this game.


4 me it would be cyclops #1, jin #2 and psylocke #3. those are the most difficult to dealz with. ken and others like it are that that bad, reason is ken takes so long to reload , once hes called if he doesnt knock someone out hes going to take forever to land and be called upon again. i like to bait out those types of assists alot, however cyc and others that come in a leave instantly, theyre annoying as fuck :mad:


I talked to clock at evo and when i asked him about this he said the worst assist for him to fight against is capcom unless he has more than 2 meter’s. The assist when used properly can really give strider/doom trouble. Sentinel/capcom of course

Btw Clockw0rk is lucky! our set in the hotel tourney went 2-1me 2-1 him : (

he is cheap:mad: