Best Anti virus software?


I hate Norton’s and Mcafee because I feel they ARE viruses. Is there anything out there that’s free and good?
ALso, What’s the favorite retail product right now?


AVG, all day, fucking great.


For free I use Avira. If I were to pay it would be Kaspersky or BitDefender.


If you have Verizon, I’d use their internet security service… it’ll pick up spyware and viruses even if you already happened to download something harmful to your computer… its great if you are one of those user that dl risky stuff on the regular i.e like me…


If you have a legit copy of windows, I’d get Microsoft Security Essentials (it’s free).

It’s not invasive, and it does a better job than AVG or Avast or Avira (also free).


Seconded. MSE is the least obnoxious AV I’ve dealt with. AVG seems to be going the way of the suite. I’ve used MSE to successfully remove some nasties Malwarebytes didn’t detect.


ESET NOD 32… don’t even notice it’s there, and it does a WAY better job than anything I’ve seen! (Perhaps even Kaspersky). I’ve used it numerous times on systems with infections which it actually cleaned out Viruses as if they never existed! (One of them I had to change the Proxy settings on I.E.)


I second that on nod32


I run ZoneAlarm (retail) along with Spybot S&D (Free). I haven’t had any issues with either.


Free = MSE
Pay = NOD32


Kaspersky is great.


I got tired of stupid free shit that work great at certain times and complete ass at others.

So I paid, paid for spyware doctor.

I don’t even have the spyware doctor with anti-virus version. ($40 for a year up to 3 computers) I just have spyware doctor without anti-virus ($ 30 for a year up to 3 computers) you can buy for more than 3 computers, but obviously price going to be higher and it already works wonders. They are super easy to contact too. E-mail will get answered in less than 24 hours, or you can just straight up live chat, and their forums actually let you find shit easily.

:tup: x100


MSE all day.

I’ve personally used AVG, NOD32, Symantec Endpoint Protection, Avira, and I like Microsoft Security Essentials the most so far.


Microsoft Security Essentials might be great choice


I’ve used all of them, Norton shudders, Avast!, AVG, Kaspersky, pretty much everything, but by far my favorite is MSE, I’ve never had a virus while it’s been installed, and it’s really non-invasive.


I’ve tried everything out at work, (I’m a tech), and MSE is my fav so far…quiet, light, free…


Anyone else here use the program Sandboxie?

It basically acts like a “condom” for your web browser, keeping everything it encounters confined/quarantine inside its environment, so it does not leak out and infect the O.S itself.

Been using it for a while and have not had many issues. One time recently though i tried using firefox normally without it and had my comp tottally wrecked from spyware. After a clean reformat i’m back with it again.


I have used Avira and AVG and I give them both thumbs up, though avira supposedly has quite a bit of false positives (false alarms). I am using AVG on my netbook and MSE on my desktop and MSE is surprisingly great. It got rid of 2 nasty worms that I didn’t think it would be able to take care of. It’s very low profile too and not irritating.