Best arcade around LA for a noob?

I live in San Diego and I was planning on going up to LA on the weekend to play some SF4. I have only played SF4 once for about 10-20 minutes about 8 months ago, so I am wondering which arcade would be best for me to go to (one that isnt super crowded and doesnt have alot of good players). I want to get in as much playing as I can without getting destroyed because it is a pretty long drive and I want to make it as worth my time as possible.


It’s going to be hard to find anywhere where there aren’t people who know how to play, but on the bright side, just about anywhere you go will have people who are willing to help you out. Not to be biased, but Denjin is the only place with 2 h2h cabinets to play on, but its also probably one of the furthest places.

What ones aren’t as crowded? Like there could be pros but just not as crowded. Don’t know how to phrase it :stuck_out_tongue:

denjin is far but doesnt have the biggest crowd. not sure about ai/super/vid/james or w/e since i dont really go there but i think the time you go matters too. if you go early there will be more chances to play and it seems like good playesr like to go later at night. hope that helps?

Like Busta said, the time of day does make a difference. The few times that I’ve been to Super at night, there have been 7-8 person lines. Typically, one guy will have like a 25 win streak and everyone takes turns getting destroyed (myself included). I’ve only been to AI twice, but at around 2 or 3, it was basically the same situation. The place was crowded during the evening/night though.

go to vid. we have the friendliest people there and everyone is always willing to help out. believe dat.

cool thanks for the responses they helped alot

So which one did you choose?

What are the hours of Arcade Infinity on the weekends? Thanks. Their phone doesn’t work :frowning:

I’ve been there til 3ish before.

UCLA is basically empty in the late afternoons, if you care.

Looks like vid, ai, and super would be the best choices because they are the closest. We’ll probably go to vid first because it seems to open the earliest (10 am) of the three, hoping to avoid pros as much as possible =). Denjin looks really cool but it’s almost another hour of driving. Maybe we’ll try UCLA later on too.

thanks again, any input is good :lovin:

Denjin is worth it.

I find it funny that the words “Family Fun Arcade” have become taboo.