Best arcade for cvs2?

What arcade has the most high-level cvs2 comp/greatest number of top players in the U.S.?

Number 1 is probably SVGL in NorCal. That arcade alone has Ricky Ortiz, John Choi, Buktooth, Jason Nelson, Dr. B, Eric Lee and a lot of other top players. Other than that, New York (probably CTF) has guys like Justin Wong, Eddie Lee, Arturo Sanchez and Sanford Kelly. FFA is pretty good here in SoCal. Some of the regulars are Amir, Jason Cole, Gee-O, Ed Ma and Combofiend.

i nominate SVGL

20 characters please. thx

Yeah…it’s gotta be SVGL of course. I don’t know much about the East Coast, but I do know that SVGL has tons of competition.

go to University Pinball in Philly. it has players like “marty” and “DMX” and a bunch more that will make you feel good about yourself.

yah i gotta say svgl too, thats where i learned a lot of what i know now. it has the strongest players in the united states there and a large varity of different types of play styles. no one plays the same there.