Best Arcade stick for X-box 360 fighters?


I like many have you have been playing SFHDR; I’ve actually been surviving off of the xbox 360 control but I obviously can’t play to my full potential due to the control fucking up a lot of times.

I’ve been looking around for xbox 360 arcade stick and i’ve come across 2 sticks. The mass stick ($240) and the Hori fighting stick ($60).

I’m most definitely not buying the mass stick for that price. For those of you who have Hori fighting stick, would u recommend it? How good is it for fighters? anyone playing SFHDR using the hori stick? if so how much better than the 360 controller is it?

any qualms about the stick? is it worth buying?


I have the DOA4 stick (just like the EX2s available today except it has DOA4 art on it). I’m pretty pleased with it. My problem is that the jab button has issues. Sometimes it has delayed responses. Sometimes it turbo fires when i hold it down. I actually heard this is a common problem for the stick, but it might be better in newer ones. Either way, TOTALLY beats pad.

If you’re a crafty mofo, you can also do that one mod for the 360’s Dpad where you break the controller open, sand down the part that holds the Dpad, then put it back together.


I have an EX2 which I modded with a bat handle and octagonal gate. It’s good, but not perfect. Diagonals are a bit too easy to hit compared to straight directions, and the buttons could be better, but it’s pretty good for a cheap stick.


get a custom. I use a HORI only as a last option.


Sticks feel like they cut right off of a arcade cab :smiley:


Hori is releasing their Pro Selects for 360 and PS3 at the end of the year.

Also, MadCats is releasing a bunch of SF4-themed controllers in February. The $150 version descriptions state that they use Sanwa parts, so they are in essence SF4-themed Hori Pro Selects.

The ~$60 sticks you’ll find, like the SC4/VF5-themed Hori sticks, are okay, but they are not optimal and they won’t last very long if you’re hard on them. It’s a better investment if you’re serious about fighting games to spring for at least a Hori Pro Select or a custom stick, and either of those options will run you $130+. You can forego waiting and just import a Hori from Japan now, but that will break $200.


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I’ve been using the Hori sticks for a while now. While I’m almost positive they’re not as great as premium sticks I will say this: a $60 (I got two SC4 versions for $45 a pop) Hori stick is leaps and bounds above a 360 D-pad. That’s for sure.


damn these prices are pretty intense; $150? guess i might have to shed it; ill wait for SFIV to make my decision.

and Deadfrog; get a life. did u get a hard-on making ur little comment?


$150? Looks like I’ll be paying about 200… Fucking bollocks…


I have 2 Hori EX2s. I’ve had one for over a year now, and no issues with either of them.

I think Sanwas feel a little better, but for $50 this stick totally surpassed my expectations. I wouldn’t even consider getting a more expensive stick until one of these breaks.


Hahah, naw man I have a hard-on pretty much all the time already. If I was a bandit, the cowboys would call me something like El Boner Kid.

I’m just givin’ you a hard time, so… no hard feelings!


Yeah I can’t believe how expensive these sticks are. I wonder how much UPS would charge to manufacture these… Somebody could make a ton of money undercutting these companies trying to price gouge on these things.

Since I’m a fully employed adult I guess I could easily afford one, but can a fully employed adult with responsibilities that conflict with Street Fighter justify buying a badass stick?


Why the fuck would you res this?