Best arcade stick on the market

Hey I went to london the other day to play tekken 6 and it is one sick game. Of course ive never played with an arcade stick before so i was getting beasted like a mad dog.

So I have tekken 5 at home on my ps3 and I have soul calibur 4 too, And i was wondering, what is the best stick to use for these games?

I hear Hori makes good sticks, but whats the latest and greatest stick available for good prices.

thanks guys. MAN Tekken 6 owns so bad. so so bad.

Even though i was getting my ass kicked I was enjoying it.

Thank you for replying man, so this will be good for both Soul Calibur and tekken yes?

Also why do i keep reading about people swapping the buttons for another make, or something. what is this about?

Sorry about sounding so stupidly new to this.

Im reading very good reviews about this stick btw…I guess it really is the best, huh?

I have one and love it, the only thing your gunna wanna do IS swap out the buttons, the buttons on there are okay but there not the greatest. I"d recommend sanwa OBSF 30’s for it.

another good one is the VSHG(Virtua stick high grade)

hope that helps.

-EX :cool:

Thanks man. can I ask how much of a difference changing the buttons makes?

like how are they not good buttons. or how are they not as good as the ones you recommended?

thanks in advance, you guys are being very helpful.

I just got that stick modded for 360 compatibility (by akuma001 from these forums). am in the middle of testing it out now, but boy…it is truly fantastic.

the hraps are easily moddable

Hey no problem, thats what were here for. :slight_smile:

Its a difference in the way you feel comfortable with it…

here’s how the difference is…

Hori buttons(The ones that come with the stick)- They feel stiff as hell after awhile your hands may feel a lil tired and there just mediogre, granted they came with the stick and there alright.

Sanwa- There sensitive really comfortable and respond really well.
I can’t quite describe them well myself I do believe that one of the stickys has a thread that explains the buttons.

-EX :cool:

Well, I just ordered the stick and it cost me 100!

I’m really dedicated to this now, fighting games were just hobby of mine, a hobby i was bad at, Now it’s going to become an obsession.

The HRAP3 is without doubt the best arcade stick on the market. The only thing you’ll want to do is switch the default Hori buttons with Sanwa buttons, as the Hori ones are kinda poo.

Sega Virtua Stick High Grade


Stock features…

  • can fit seimitsu or sanwa stick
  • comes with sanwa buttons
  • easy top panel access
  • can play PS2 fighting games with zero input lag

and it has the most compatibility…all you need is a controller converter to make it PS3/PC compatible.

any link where can I buy this?

I agree, I just modded a friend’s stick (so he can use it with his 360) and it’s great. You might have trouble finding one though.

It basically felt identical to my wireless stick. Uses the same parts after all. :tup:

I haven’t used the Hori HRAP3 stick, so I can’t comment on that one.

I got the White HRAP3 and it’s amazing.

I’m ordering Sanwa buttons and a new balltop now actually.

I am curious how you managed to wire it up for a 360.

I’m a VF5 fan, and might just buy the 360 for online play.

Find an X360 common ground pcb, wire it up, and hook it up to the buttons and joystick.

If you want to do a dual X360/PS3 stick you will have to wire up the directions and buttons from both sticks together and you’ll have to connect both the power lines and grounds together.

When doing the dual pcb hack I suggest using terminal strips to make the process a bit easier.

Just follow this guide, the process should be practically the same for the HRAP. Install a switch to flip the USB data lines between the two PCB’s and solder the buttons and D-pad points up to the corresponding points on the 360 controller PCB.

Thanks guys, I’ll take a peek.

I’m not the best handiman, and tbh switching out the buttons on the stick is slightly intimidating as it is. I don’t want to screw up something and have a 130USD$ paper-weight.