Best arcades of Europe? (Dublin,London, Paris...)

Six months since I’ve been here.

As Alex once said- “You can’t escape.”:karate:

I’m off to Europe for my first time in the morning & was curious if anyone else will be out there or has the scoop on Dublin, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Venice & Madrid arcades…

I’m guessing Trocadero C. in London & Sony C. in Berlin, but who knows?

Eins, zwei, drei! (See, I learned something from Street Fighter).


I kinda expected it to say Peckham after Paris. But nevermind that.

and yes, the Trocadero. Ish.

Semi-related question:
What’s the arcade scene like in Southampton.

Lol, regional forums.

Casino Arcade in London, its got 3s, t5dr, hsf2, a3, several Kofs, mvc2, vf4, msh, ttt and martial masters. I think cvs2 is getting put in soon too. Also monthly rankingbattles are held there for 3s, t5dr, hsf2, kof2002 and soon ggAC. If you got time you should come to one.

To find out more about the UK scene you should take a look at,


And props to the reply from Union City. I’m originally from Fremont.

Time to go from being a North American Warrior to a- (as they say in SF): World Warrior.:karate: also…

Hey jettmanas, I am matching your avatar to the avatar description u gave me at troc, so it must be you right? :slight_smile:

Have a good time in the rest of europe, nice to meet you dude, your Q aint too bad! Take care.:karate: