Best Assist Characters


I’m still exploring the game, but here are some of the assists I really like:

Thor B Mighty Smash - It can anti air and it creates ground bounce that is easy to combo off of. I usually have Dormammu on point and after I see Thor hit, I’ll do blackhole xxx chaotic flame.

Iron Man B Repulsor Blast - Big damage, controls space, anti airs and leads into easy combos.

Sentinel A Sentinel Force (Charge) - It’s been nerfed from MvC2, but even with it no longer functioning as a ghetto anti-air, it is still a really good lockdown tool.

Dante A Jam Session - Captain Corridor-like range, and it can lead into combos. What’s not to like?

Chun Li Y Lightning Legs - Really nice damage, high priority, and the hit confirm window is so large you can order a pizza, eat it, and come back and time to still tack an air combo on top of it.

Taskmaster Y Aim Master (Vertical) - It’s hard to avoid. It can anti air, pin down, or at the very least force your opponent to move. The only drawback is that he must be protected for a decent chunk of time.

There are of course more, like Dormammu’s Purification or Spiderman’s Webshot, that are decent. However, I’m looking for the best of the best here, so post up what you think the best assists are.


Skrull - Stone Smite / Spencer - Armor Breaker : Both of these give a nice, lengthy wallbounce and have decent priority. Spencer’s has slow startup but a pretty massive hitbox.

Haggar - Lariat : Trade a bit of life (recoverable!) for an awesome anti-rushdown assist? Sure.

Doom - Hidden Missiles : Seriously fucking hidden. Call from full screen and you wont seem him launch the missiles.

Trish - Peekaboo : Trap assist that stays out forever and allows for a relaunch.


Hsien Ko’s Senpuu Bu is really really good with Dark Force armor.


How has Ameterasu’s ice one not been mentioned? I still don’t have the game, but that one looks incredible.


Is that the pendulum? I figured that was going to be how you’d really get the mileage out of it. Though the gong assist is pretty awesome since it can reflect multiple projectiles and keep on trucking.


I should also mention Chris’s gun fire and grenade toss assists as being pretty useful. His gun fire assist reminds me of iceman’s icebeam in mvc2 and his grenade toss is a great anti-rushdown tool, provided they’re not already on top of you.

That’s sort of the problem with most of the assists I’ve mentioned. You can get a “real” anti-air assist with invincibility, but it’s generally a lot harder to combo off of them. I suppose just about everyone with a power up mode becomes a viable assist character. Though it can be kind of hard to get them out without a big risk or wasting 2 bars.

So far I note:
Wolverine - Speed up mode assists are all pretty decent.
Zero - Shadow Twin Fireball is great for controlling space and hit confirming into combos.
Hsien Ko - As mentioned before, she can get super armor and be really hard to stop with her pendulum assist.

I forget who else can power up their assists. Anyone care to help?

I don’t like the angle on it. It’s too short range. But it does have interesting lockdown potential iirc. It keeps them in place for a long time, which can open up some nice mix up opportunities. Setting it up looks like a pain though.


Yep, the pendulum. One of the bests GTFO assists in the game.


i really like haggars larriet assist if anyone ever comes close to you assist and if it hits congrads your going to do more then half life to them…if they block they have a very small window to counter and you can protect him by throwing out a jab or a special…im suprised how good it is


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Ammy’s Ice Shots assist looks good for combo extending. Was watching the TeamKhaos archive video, the X-23 player would OTG and use the Ice Shots to hold them in place to combo into Hyper.


Arthur can power up his assists when he has the gold Armor I believe. Not sure which one of his assists are the most useful


The consensus is that Fire Bottle is Arthur’s best assist, especially in Gold Armor mode. OTGs and goes a long way.


Trons fire assist, it like goes through everything.


Not sure if everyone knew this, but zero can do his shadow clone hyper, tag out, and keep it as an assist. I like using his beam slash with it.