Best assist for each character?


Now, before the, “Assist depends on what team/char you choose” Yeah, I know. but usually, unless it’s specific, there’s that one assist that everybody loves to choose.

For example, Sentinel uses Sentinel Force assist the most, Morrigan seems to be her Meter gain assist, Hagger his lariot assist, Dante his guitar assist, etc.


Depends how you play really. If you just like to sit back then the “Shot” assists are most common - like you said sentinel force, arthur dagger throw ect. If your a rush down player then I supose you just look for anything that can combo easily into a bigger combo like Weskers OTG or Akuma/Ryu Hurricaine kick.

There are others though that are used to get out of blocking so maybe Ryu shoryuken to just try get them off of you. Same kinda thing with hulks assist (dunno what its called) where he smashes you in the air and zero’s uppercut move.

I like to have 1 keep away move and 1 combo attacking move


Ironman himself for assist- beam to get in, resistor blast to keep pressure or combo, and smart bomb for OTG.


I love Tron B as a defensive/anti-air because it seems to be invincible on startup and has a huge forward hitbox. Also leads into good combos if it juggles.

Of course Ammy B does a great job covering directly in front. It’s a bit slow but absolutely worth using.

Chun LL works similarily to Tron B but it doesn’t feel as safe. Lasts longer though.