Best at every character

Who are the best at their respective characters?
Yun - K.O
Chun - Ohnuki
Ken - Daigo/Deshiken
Makoto - J
Yang - Roshihikari
Dudley - Kokujin
Akuma - Jiro
Urien - RX
Ryu - Ruu
Oro - dirty music
Elena - Combofiend
Ibuki - Aruka
Alex - KSK/Zangoef
Necro - PinoAB7/Sugiyama
Remy - Pierrot
Sean - Sean P
Hugo - Hayao/YSB
Twelve - Yamazaki
Q - Kuroda

Really, I’m just throwing names out there. Tell me who YOU think are the best.

Ibuki - Aruka, Hossy, Chonto, Ibuki 12

I can’t say who is the best, but I will surely list my favourite for each if I’m allowed to do that instead.

Yun - KO
Chun - Koshun
Ken - Deshiken
Makoto - J
Yang - Goemon
Dudley - Fujiwara
Akuma - maybe Jiro
Urien - RX
Ryu - Frankie (okay Namijin if I have to pick Japanese)
Oro - Thanatos
Elena - not sure
Ibuki - Aruka
Necro - Pino
Remy - not sure
Sean - not sure
Hugo - Hayao
Twelve - Yamazaki
Q - Kuroda

ryu= frankie3s
necro = sugiyama , pinoAB7
urien: pierre
yun: pyrolee

I would think: Urien - RX, instead of Pierre.

You should do one list for Jap one for American. I’d be curious for some of the characters of each list.

Roo is a pretty hardcore Ryu player.

I think Thanatos is my favorite Oro. Dirty Music is a good choice, though. Inoue and Hungbee are also great, but they’re not as weird. They seem to play more by-the-book.

Thanatos does fucking weird shit like uppercutting all over the place, whiffing things like crazy, stopping in the middle of EX Tengu combos, stopping in the middle of chicken combos, etc - on paper he should be the worst Oro in the world, but he kicks ass pretty consistently. I don’t know if he does that shit because he’s a complete spaz or because he’s trying to keep his opponents off-guard, but it works. Dirty Music does weird shit, too, and he’s way more consistent, but… I don’t know, I love watching Thanatos play.

Kuroda’s probably the best Q, same with Yamazaki and Twelve. But I mean, even if they’re not the best in the world anymore, they’re the players that got people more interested in the dirt tier.

As far as Yun is concerned, I could’ve sworn that Pyrolee said he played him a bunch in Japan and that they usually went 6-4 in Pyro’s favor. Then again, it’s not about mirror matches as much as it is beating everyone else. So I don’t know. I don’t play Yun, I can’t judge it.

EDIT - Separate lists for Japanese and American players would be great.

No disrespect to Frankie3s, but anyone who says he is the best Ryu is an idiot. (Best in the USA though is another story)

How about a list for Japanese, a list for Amerika and another list for other countries? Maybe even 2 or 3 players for each character, if possible?

Fairly new to 3s, and I’ve never heard of Namijin. Has 2 matches on youtube. Damn good. And to add a personal favorite, I think Vanao has a nice Denjin Ryu.

i play necro …
pino is very random he use a lot off random stuffs he is very good but some times he lost a lot of chances because he is very random
sugiyama is very good i think he is the best necro player que think a lot he is very tactics , and trick he ofensive game is very good links traps etc etc

why people think usa player suck??
i think some usa player are very good and they can win vs japan players

US people play 3S?

You Thanatos lovers are giving me a conniption. Solid > random.

Oro - Dirty Music, Inoue, Hungbee. They play by the book, but they fucking wrote it!

Oh come on! At least admit that he’s fun. :smiley:

You guys both left Alex off your lists.

I nominate Zangeof for best Alex.

The ones that I would think would be obvious choices (based on results alone) would be

Yun - KO
Chun - Nuki
Q - Kuroda
Twelve - Yamazaki

For a lot of the characters the only name I could pick would be one I remember seeing in a ranbat, but some players that come to mind are:

Hayao: he’s just too consistently beastly (YSB plays brilliantly at times, but Hayao is more solid)

Daigo: I’m a fanboy :sweat:

RX: he does stuff that looks like it’s out of a combo video in normal play, and when he plays more conservatively he’s still amazing

Sugiyama: basically the same reasons coreografo gave

Inoue: parry -> 95% damage pseudo combo (two unblockables and a reset) FTW

Thought KSK had a pretty good alex

Remy = Take or Ryo-chin but I haven’t seen ryo-chin play for years.

What about Elena and Sean guys?

I honestly can’t think of any Elena players i’ve seen that I can remember. Jap atleast.

There was an Elena player that made into the finals of last year’s SBO. Don’t remember his name though. He lost to Spellmaster J but it was a close match. Very solid Elena.

Remy = Pierrot and Take. I like Pierrot the bestest cuz I dunno…I like his name and he charge partitions well. I just like Remy.

Sean…I dunno…some random Sean player on Xbox Live I guess. Only competitive Sean players I’ve seen are the ones from the Hong Kong HKSF vids. Those guys were beasting Ken players n shit with Sean. :razz: