Best at every character

Yun - K.O
Chun - Ohnuki
Ken - Deishiken
Makoto - J
Yang - Roshihikari
Dudley - Kokujin
Akuma - Jiro
Urien - RX
Ryu - Valle (don’t know many japaneese Ryu players)
Oro - Hung Bee
Elena - Combofiend (Do other people play Elena hahaha)
Ibuki - Aruka
Necro - Sugiyama
Remy - Who’s Remy?
Sean - Uhh C-Royd?
Hugo - Hayao
Twelve - Yamazaki
Q - Kuroda
Alex - KSK

Sorry, I don’t know why I skipped Alex. I would have put KSK and Zangoef =D
EmericaRR: Do you REALLY think Deshiken can beat Daigo? Although Deshiken has his s. strong shippu and kara shoryu’s, is it enough to beat him?
btw, thanks for the responses guys. it’ll make for a good night of youtubing

Deshikens team did win the latest co-op cup. But i say that Daigo in his prime is > anyone.

I dunno. Just opinion really. I just really like the way Deshiken plays.

ruu is probably the best ryu, and im pretty sure that yuki otoko is considered the best akuma in japan :lovin:


Roshi or Boss for Yang

Match is Japans best Akuma I belive

Georgia for Ryu… I havent seen alot of him lately, but in the old day (coop cup1/2 etc) he was too sick… And I say Match for Akuma as well, Jiro is THE happening last couple of months with his SICK RD setups, but Match is so bad ass…

And of course alot is debatable… Deshiken/Daigo… Hayao/YSB… stuff like that, its their own playing styles that can make the differences…

Deshi and diago played first to 100 deshi won 100 to 99. That’s way to much for me

Match is more consistent than Yuki Otoko.

Yun - K.O
Chun - Ohnuki
Ken - Daigo/Deshiken
Makoto - J
Yang - Roshihikari
Dudley - 178/Jima
Akuma - Match
Urien - RX
Ryu - Ruu
Oro - dirtymusic
Elena - HMV or Azura
Ibuki - Aruka
Necro - Sugiyama
Remy - Pierrot
Sean - SeanP or Shin-chan
Hugo - Hayao
Twelve - Yamazaki
Q - Kuroda or Tetsugoshi
Alex - Zangoefu

The best (only) Japanese player who consistently uses Sean in tournaments is Sean P, so I guess he has a lock on that one. Shinchan has used Sean in a tournament, but that was a don’t-use-your-main-character tournament; his main is Chun, and he does very well with her.

The contest for best Q player in the world is probably between Kuroda, Kyosenshi, TK, Tetsugoshi, and Nonsense. They’ve all done well in big tournaments, especially the first four. Remember that while Kuroda has gotten the farthest in a couple that have had big video exposure here, for much of those tournaments he was getting his butt handed to him and then saved by his partner(s). That said, I’ve heard tell that in Japan people respect Kuroda as one of the most talented SF players in the land, so I suppose I’ll go with that.

And the best American Q? No idea. I’ve seen like three dedicated Q players in the whole country, and none of us have won any major tournaments or even come closer than 7th, so, for that, just write in the name of your random friend who plays Q on a gamepad sometimes when he’s drunk.

:looney: I don’t believe it. When did this take place?

Actually the japanese say Franki3s has the best Ryu.

Man, I wish there was a vid of that.

I mean… do you really? o.O

You’d have to buy an external harddrive just to download the thing.

Jiro IMO best Gouki EVER.

i know you all saw the vid of when he did a wake up parry on yun’s cross up dive kick XX DEMON.

OMFG, that was Gouki moment of the year.

How can you sit there and judge players you never play.

This wreaks of “lets fucking study vids and shit all day”

vids are vids

You’re right. Maybe just some highlights.

You got that right.


I’ve played people like Thanatos in other games.
They know the game at a high level, but they choose to take a lot of risks. It means they drop a lot of rounds, but it’s a very dangerous style of play, because it can easily catch you offguard. Especially in a single elimination tourney.