Best at every character

someone told me i should make a us list

Yun - Pyro
Chun - Justin/Amir
Ken - Ricky
Makoto - Arlieth/Ken I
Yang - alot of yangs out there really up to opinion
Dudley - Vic but i heard he retired
Akuma - danny leong/jr rodriguez
Urien - Rockefeller
Ryu - Frankie
Oro - Hung
Elena - Combofiend
Ibuki - Nate
Alex - i don’t know really but i like ghetto d no homo
Necro - Mutant xp/Fatbear ?
Remy - Everdred ?
Sean - C-royd? i know hes canadian but thats like america part 2
Hugo - hmm i don’t know i hear good things about that dude 720
Twelve - thongboy?
Q - whoever plays q and wins

Hmm, aside from KOfiend who else is known in the US for yang?

I remember seeing TrueKarate playing yang ina vid. I don’t think he plays him anymore, or was ever really beasting with Yang.And Flash maybe.

For US…Joel Benefiel for Alex?

Joel Benefiel is consistently nasty in the videos I’ve seen.

EDIT: Nasty in that good way.

Could anybody identify who this is playing as Dudley? I think he is better than kokujin, unless this is kokujin and he doesnt look asain…

If he can beat amir, pyrolee, frankie3s, and many more great people… I think hes got great skill, although hes retired =(.

^ VictoLy


I think 5 star should be up there with Ricky for Ken as well.

I played Vic the other day at a local arcade… I got owned for free. Even if he is retired, he sure didnt seem out of practice… :frowning:

i ve heard boss doesn t like tourny, but he s easily considered up there with nuki and ko. he s also the dude that invented mak 100% stun.

as for us, pyro/justin/ricky/amir/hsien. bottom line.

Oh for Christ’s sakes…VALLE!!!

Fubarduck’s gotta be up there.

KOFiend on the US list for Yang, hands down.

He is clearly the best Yang on EC. Hell, he placed higher than any other Yang at Evo 2k5 IIRC. He also won an SBO qual and a spot on Evo East. If that doesn’t clearly make him the best Yang in the US I don’t know what would.

i think nittos yun is better than KOs…

for US, a list compiled by justin wong would be most accurate since he s the only one who has played most of the players on every list with less than 5 ppl he s never played(from listed). also ricky is another that has played ALOT of players all over the US. most of everyone here hasn t played 10, 20, 30 of the players listed or the ones that should be listed.
theres whole lists with players a person has never played, in the thread. how credible is that? and who s being overlooked? if you didn t care when you made your list, then you REALLY don t know. this thread reeks of flame war/fanboy material.

also, vids aren t the best way to judge a player’s adaptability either(other shit too but more so)
example- a vid of justin won t show you what he ll do different if you do something different for a situation, and the other choices he s shown to do for that situation, during the course of a tourny

alot of lists are short of hsien, paul lee. just to name a few. also does anyone find it odd with all that croyd has done and placed, he s being listed as the best sean but not mentioned for ryu?

Yeah…outside of match vids a lot of players don’t get a real sense of the scene. That’s why I’m going to Vegas this year I guess.

I don’t mean to shit-talk or start anything but I don’t believe Paul Lee is on the level of the other people mentioned. At Evo west I came really close to beating him every single time I played him with my Ken… and I admit that he’s very good but I just think he needs about one step further to be on that list’s level.

…Or maybe that just means I’m really good enough stay on the level with the best Ken in the U.S. lol

I guess I’ll make a list, but only from among people I’ve played against, as I’ve been lucky enough to have played many of the top players.

Yun - Pyro
Chun - Amir
Ken - Yi
Makoto - Arlieth
Dudley - Victoly
Yang - KOFiend
Urien - Rockefeller
Akuma - JR Rodriguez
Oro - Hungbee
Ryu - Frankie
Elena - Combofiend
Ibuki - Nate
Necro - Mutant XP
Alex - Joel Benefiel
Hugo - Mike Menace
Remy -
Sean -
Twelve -
Q -

Some of those are far and away the best I’ve played at their characters and others are essentially split between the guy I mentioned and one or two other people (like Amir v Justin, maybe it’s just my western bias), and some of the guys I mentioned rarely play anymore but they’re the still the best I’ve come up against. Among the guys anyone’s mentioned in this thread, I think the only one I haven’t played is Hsien, so, I guess I can’t say much on Ken. Also I haven’t played a “best” at any of the last four, which is not to say they aren’t out there because I’ve heard of a couple people who play each of them, but I haven’t personally met and played them yet. I’ve met (and/or been) most of the dedicated Q players anyone’s heard about, and, no offense to any of us, I don’t really feel I can single any one out as “best” because none of us has ever done anything significant in major tournaments.

from my limited experience, alot of top american players have trouble adapting to different levels/styles of play as fast as the jpn view as immediate, its one of the main things here that sets top top guys from good players.

example- justin wong isn t likely to be random’d out, but say a player that justin considers dangerous…gets random’d out by g.i. joe, does that mean he sucks or not as good as justin credits him?

another example- forget all factors, there are PLENTY of players who do better against “better” players than against g.i. joe, correct?

anyone can win, but whos consistent. 3s is cool. no disrespect to anyone. yes i m blasted stoned.

also, paul fuckin lee FTW

I think I’m just an up-and-comer… Or at least that’s what I’d like to believe.