Best Balrog on Psn



So I’ve been told my balrog is pretty good but I still want to see the best balrog’s on psn and maybe potentially face them. As I play on psn more and more I haven’t found a lot of good balrog’s so I want to use this as a chance to find some good competition


I hear LoneWolf-7 has one of the best if not the best Balrog on PSN. Hit em up.


Play me


Send me an invite, I’m down to play you as well…


ghettoperu, javitz, dynicksty


sure MSilk,

I’ll play you.

Be warned. I truly suck at mirror matches.


I was the best Balrog on PSN!!! Now I’m the best on XBL!!!



prove it


Poongko and De_Soulja are really good.


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