Best Batteries?


So yeah, who are the best batteries in the game?


Guile is the best battery hands down. Other good batteries are Iori, Yamazaki (both N Groove), Blanka, Sak, Rolento (not TOO sure on this, but he seems like a better user to me, at least in C) and some others I’m forgetting.




It depends on what teams you want to use.

For example:

  • C-Blanka, Vega, Sagat r2:

Blanka in this team is battery and user. Vega is battery for Sagat.
Blanka can go first or last because he can hold his own no matter what. It wouldn’t make sense to have Sagat first in C because he needs meter, or to have Blanka second because it wouldn’t make sense to have a battery for him because he is battery. This team can also work in different ways/team spots.

C-Vega, Sagat, Blanka r2, Vega is battery for Sagat, and Blanka, should he need it, can build meter easily and still serve his spot as r2.

  • A-Blanka, Sakura, Bison r2(Team Bas):

This team is really good the way it is and IMO, shouldn’t have changed. Blanka is battery for Sakura, and Sakura can hold off and build enough meter for Bison to use.

Changed to Sakura, Bison, Blanka r2…
There’s only one problem I have with that order and its that I don’t think Sakura should be the main battery. Dive kicks all day is not a good thing to rely on to build meter. Most likely the opponent will pretty much have the same team structure and have a good battery first.

The way I have it sometimes is A-Blanka, Bison, Sakura r2…I’ll explain why…
Blanka is battery for Bison, and Bison, once he uses the meter can kill the 2nd or 3rd character(whereever you’re at in the fight), and build meter during the next fight and Sakura could finish the opponent off.

It just depends on character order and who you have.


Who do you like?


how is eagle and honda good batery?honda is a massive turtle, it seems like it would be hard for him to gain meter, all he can do is headbuts and to gain meter(ohh and slaps).Eagle doesn’t have a lot he can do to gain bar outside of normals, and all his are too slow to gain sufficient bar with.I could be wrong…fill me in on your reasoning


Honda, you just answered your question, can sit back and s./c.MK/MP all day, it’s very fast.

Eagle is IMO, the only counter to Sakura , but he doesn’t down right own her. He’s also pretty good against blanka, especially Blanka RC whores.


A Sakura, Bison, Blanka(2) is a safer order than A Blanka, Sakura, Bison(2).

First off, Sakura builds meter quickly by poking with s.RH and hitting her B&B. Whiffing dive kicks is to get meter from afar when you don’t feel like poking or pressing the attack. She also builds a goodly amount of meter from her block strings. So she works as a good battery AND user. She supplies herself with meter to kill people off and she can pass on a good amount of meter to Bison.
Bison is pretty much a clean-up character anyhow. Going 2nd just assumes Sakura will have done most of the job, and she’s more capable of doing that than most. Bison really only needs to hit 1 CC to make himself useful on a team. And since Bison tends to get rushed down by Sagat and the like, putting him 2nd means he can mess them up with a CC if he gets that opportunity, and then if he dies, it’s alright.
Blanka is the best R2 choice in terms of damage benefits. He also has fewer meter needs to make comebacks or to threaten people. Bison without meter is a crappy anchor, and Bison with meter still sucks as an anchor if he has 2 or more characters to kill.

This order frees up Bison to do the CC whenever he has the chance, whereas in the old setup, he would have to consider saving the meter if he had another character to fight. Sakura doesn’t need to be any more meter conscientious than normal… she’s still going before Bison so she should still consider handing off meter as much as possible, but she can still play her game.

A Blanka, Sakura, Bison(2) fights K Groove better, though. Just because Sakura going 2nd should mean at least one character dead for free.


On Honda, watch Mago’s Honda at Evo 2k3, he’s turtling and building meter with s.forwards (I think)

Rolento is an OK battery, he can run away and do the Pogo Hop (3K before reaching the ground) and off one BnB (c.FowardXX Pipe Twirlsx3) he gains lots of meter.

Guile needs no explanation.


i’ve definitely answered this question before in another thread not too long ago, but here goes…

honda is self-explanatory. crouching mp to gain meter, blocked RC slaps build lots of meter, and headbutts also do the trick.

eagle’s B&B is 10 hits, same as sakura’s, and it’s just as versatile (crouching jab, crouching jab, standing mk, hcf + mk). RC lariats as AA build meter. crouching mk’s for poking build meter. just watch a competent eagle player, and you’ll see that meter is never a problem. C-eagle recycles his own meter considering his level 2 cancelled into hcf+mk builds him half a level 1 AND stuns pretty well.

THANK YOU InVeRs3. finally, somebody else realizes how well eagle does against sakura.

shit, eagle counters all of team BAS. sakura, bison, and blanka. he also does pretty damn well against cammy, vega, and chunners, but that’s besides the point.



I like Rock and Chun-Li, then Yun/Terry, but i’m open to switching Yun or Terry for others.

C-Groove (mainly since Chun-Li is there).


i dont really understand how guile is the best battery in the game, can someone elaborate?

In the arcade, I usually play battery/sak/bison-2 in agroove.

Battery Options (for me)
E. Honda


Guile is a great battery because of these things…

great block strings
sonic booms
plays it great offense or defense

that’s the basic idea.


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Re: Re: Best Batteries?

I’d go for Rock/Terry/Yun in that order for battery. This, of course is my opinion. The only real way to know if they really work for you is to play against people.

Rock is just bad ass. He has great throw mixups and my favorite roundhouses in the game.

Terry does pretty good against Cammy. C.HK is like C.hp sagat style only

Yun is cool, but since i don’t know anyone who plays him, i don’t really know much about him.

Chunli is…OK on point. It’s just that you might fall behind in the match early, she doesn’t really damaging stuff other than her supers.


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I play C-Cammy/Athena/R2 Mai

I personally find Athena to be a good battery character. Psycho balls and that crouching C can build up a bar at good speed. Then, Mai can have the super bar for her lvl 3 Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi.



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Are those batteries for A groove only or in general?

Anyway, if you mean A groove, Ken, Akuma, Blanka, Sagat(sometimes) are good for A.
All of them are/could be C groove batteries.