Best BB hood team?

I’m thinkin Bbhood/juggs/Doom…whatcha think?

BB Hood(Proj)/Dr Doom(AA)/Iron Man(AA)

Bah, I I usually use BB Hood, IronMan, Cable

Assist types:

BB Hood/projectile

The other team I use, which is VERY effective in this order for expansive hyper combos: Jill, IronMan, BB Hood

Assist types:

BB Hood/projectile

The first team is mainly expansive ground combos and beautiful hyper link combinations

The second team is combo Heaven…Jill rules in combination wit’ IronMan…I like ta link her air combo wit’ IronMan’s capture assist then follow up wit’ a air combo juggle: jump, l. kick, m. kick, (light)elbow charge(iono what it’s called)[air]–>Tyrant–>Proton Cannon–>team hyper finish. This combo owns…up to like 107% damage if memory serves.

–> = link

BB Hood(Proj)/Dr Doom(AA)/Iron Man(AA) hands down

I know somebody that uses bb hood (Proj)/ tron bonne (proj) and megaman(proj). It’s a team with a bunch of lil’ characters that are real powerful. his best combo is with bb hood. where he crosses you up by calling tron bonne proj. assist (you know how it’s glitched so it hurts a lot) while jumping over you then with bonne on one side doing the assist and bb hood on the other side he does this combo with hood, standing lp, mp, forward+HP (the move where shehop and swings the basket)XX Cool hunting super. that one hurts a lot. sometimes if his cool hunting super is blocked he has a good option to dhc into megaman’s beat plane super, so he won’t be punished after hood’s super ends (When she stands there pretty much asking for AHVBX3)

also, bbhood, juggs(glitched, of course :slight_smile: ), ironman is a good team because if you got 3 meters all you need to do with hood on point is crouching lk twice, then push the two assist butons to take away almost the entire life of whoever you’re fighing. also you can punish assists from mid or full screen away by using hulk (dash) (instead of juggs because his gamma crush really hurts alot too. in any of these teams, bb hood could be a battery because she can just superjump roundhouse (Where she throws mines then double jump and do roundhouse again to build meters pretty quickly. also to stay in air while superjumping/ build meter do DP+lk or hk the yoga flame knockoff move she floats in the air for a while and you can do a couple of those while you’re in the air

never cancel to beat plane on cable. long start up on otherside of screen = get shot

I like to use Juggernaut-Y/BB Hood-A, with the last member being Doom-B, Hulk-B, or Iron Man-B. Painful DHCs (only use lv.2 DHC with BB Hood/Juggs if you have Doom as your last char). I’m decent with her, I suppose. Maybe i’ll get BB Hood to teach her to me one of these days :karate:

All you have to do is ask and ill teach you :karate:

Too many teams for me to name, but my favorites are
The Hood(A)/Morrigan(B)/Iron Man(A)
The Hood(A)/T-Bone(Y)/Sentinel(Y)
Felicia(B)/Servbot(A)/The Hood(A)
Team Big Gunz(The Hood(A)/War Machine(A)/Iron Man(B))
Team Robostalkers(Felicia(B)/The Hood(A)/Sentinel(Y))

Big Gunz DHC hurts somethin’ serious, especially if an assist gets caught out there; if you got three levels, the assist is almost guaranteed dead, especially if they take all of BB’s 52 hits. Same for BB, Morrigan, Iron Man. Both DHC’s can get you around 120 hits.
So watch out, cause if BB starts it up, expect to hear “Hyper Combo Finish.” One time I caught a player and their assist with Big Gunz, shall we say 217-hit?

team lil kids/short characters: hood/megaman/tbonne.

try doin a THC when the person youre playin has like 20 or 30 % life left i think it will chi em to death. if you a do a THC with 3 bars and mash like hell that shit chips off a lot. also, tbonne proj assist, then combo into cruel hunting takes off a lot of life too.

no, actually the best bb hood team is bb hood, jugg., capcom, is all about the triple team!

No your wrong… You can’t always count on the Triple team

Yeah… that’s the team I use if I’m BB Hood

I don’t play Hood, but shouldn’t the order be BB Hood/Iron Man/Doom?

My opinion on the matter of team order:

As far as vitality is concerned putting Doom 3rd would be better since he’ll be the most used assist, but then your DHC order isn’t quite so good. Doom qcf+KK xx Proton cannon is one of the best frame kill DHCs in the game, and you’d lose that if you put Doom in the 3rd slot. If you can cover Doom well enough, he’ll be fine in the 2nd position, though.

Hard to say which order is really the best :\

EDIT: I don’t play BB hood either, but I’ve run into this same issue with Sent/Doom/IM. It’s much easier to decide if you plan to start with IM on point, in which case IM/Whoever/Doom would be the preffered order. :slight_smile:

You know your stuff. The reason to have Dr Doom in the second position is because it goes well from “DHC to DHC”(Cruel Hunting to Photon Super to Proton Cannon[close ranged because you begin it with a combo]. Chip is great too :wow: ). Plus him being in 2nd allows me to do safe a DHC(except against a Cable :sad:.If [Big if]they are fast enough they can pull off a AHVB). If BB Hood misses with her Cruel Hunting or the opponent so happens to block the super then DHCing to Doom(PHOTON SUPER) would save her and himself. AA’s like Iron Man are good to have third cause they reach much farther and fast then Dr Doom.