Best birthday gift ever =)

this weekend is my birthday and my girlfriend decided to surprise with me an early gift. had no idea what it was whenever i saw her working on it she was so top secret about it.i’m so mushy right now. =)


she must have seen you beating cruise and got inspired haha that’s hella sick.

Wow that’s really good. You have an awesome gf.

that is so cool, mushiness completely justified.

hahaha one of my ex’s did something similar once. made us matching chun li and gouki t shirts

Man, that looks amazing. I’d pay to have something like that.

yea haha. she pretty much knows everyone that plays on there since i played on it so much.

I like the infinite win streak. It’s a very sweet present. thumbs up

happy birthday

That’s really awesome! What a great gift! It’s like you have the new “smooth” filter on! You got an early look at it on paper! =)

I also like how, not only do you have an infinite win streak, but you’re about to perfect him as well. And he has zero meter.


It’s too bad she didn’t give you points matching up with your first date’s date or something equally mushy and subtle as well. Still kick ass.