Best Bitrate for YouTube?


What’s up everyone.

I recently purchased the AVermedia Live Gamer HD capture card, and with it’s recent firmware upgrade, I can record videos from my Xbox 360 at 1920x1080/30fps at a bitrate of up to 20,000 kbps.

My question is, is recording in this format completely overkill? YouTube themselves suggest recording 1080p footage 8,000 kbps, and I know if you submit a video of higher quality YouTube will just downgrade it to fit at or under 10,000 kbps.

I’ve heard two competing idea’s when it comes to this topic. Some say give YouTube the absolute highest quality video you can give them and let them do the work. Others say that by providing a video way above YouTube’s limits, quality is lost in the conversion process and you’re better off trying to exactly match YouTube’s specifications.

Does anyone have any experience on the topic that could give me some advice? Thanks.


Do not upload any higher than youtube quality, chances are the video will run into an processing error if its higher than 8k. Also youtube downgrades the quality quite a bit as well on top of that. 3k-5k is generally what works best with Youtube without running into errors.


1080p at 30fps sucks though, it’s half the framerate of fighting games and even though youtube videos are 30fps the video tends to look screwy if it was originally recorded at half the framerate the game was running on.


All videos on youtube are 30fps though, they will also cap the fps. So using high framerates with with high bitrates will be wasted in the upload process.

720p 3k or 1080p 5k will offer good quality, and fast mostly error free upload.


I upload my 1080p videos at about 20mbps. The higher your quality your upload, the better the result for the youtube re-encoded video. Although 20mbps is probably the point of diminishing returns for a youtube re-encode even for game footage.


It really depends though, using dedicated encoder can(most often does) yield far better results than what youtube does.


Which is why you want to use a high bitrate. YouTube is going to re-encode all your videos, so it is best to give it the best quality video possible for the best results.


Crap, the age old argument continues.