Best Bout Beatdown 22 - SSF4AE2012/UMvC3/KoF13/VF5FS/TTT2/SFxT Tournament Sat. April 6th, 2013

Ok, we are all set for tomorrow. Having a lot of people coming in, some new to the area Tekken players might be there, though their interest seems to be mainly with Tekken 6. I would like to have them interact with the people in the community who play(ed) and see what we can do about reviving that scene. Looking forward to tomorrow, thanks to Game Trader again for the support!

This was one of our best events thus far, thanks to everyone who made it possible! More of a break down soon, first here are the results.

AE 2012:

  1. Fatbear
  2. Honky Adonis (artist formerly known as Kwyjibo)
  3. Lord BBH
  4. Jason Cole
  5. Ronnicle
  6. ScubaSteve
  7. Samrock
  8. Shredder
  9. FMRoss
  10. OMNE
  11. Ando
  12. Ben
  13. MK Master
  14. PDX_Jive
  15. Theo
  16. Mackinzie
  17. Wally
  18. Phillip Tobin
  19. Zony
  20. Saikyo Sensei
  21. Yzae B


  1. 1TruKing
  2. Yugo
  3. Lord BBH
  4. Chocomuffins
  5. Yzae B
  6. Fatbear
  7. FMRoss
  8. Shredder
  9. Honky Adonis
  10. Black Marvel
  11. Eternal Blaze
  12. Mackinzie
  13. Moustach Massacre
  14. Samrock
  15. JediNoah
  16. Jason Cole


  1. JoelA
  2. Lord BBH
  3. DanielT
  4. Hellsap
  5. Evan
  6. Zony
  7. Jason Cole
  8. Eternal Blaze
  9. Honky Adonis
  10. PDX_Jive
  11. SNKCrymore (artist formerly known as R Panda)
  12. FMRoss
  13. Saikyo Sensei
  14. Darwin
  15. Phillip Tobin


  1. Fatbear
  2. Jason Cole
  3. Anthony
  4. Mackinzie
  5. R Panda


  1. Rong
  2. Cole
  3. Michael
  4. MK Master

Final a big shout out to our sponsor, GAME TRADER. We greatly appreciate the support!

Best friends.

good showing by Fatbear. 2012 Seth can get it done.

Wish I could’ve come, but I had other priorities, and XBox handicaps me :wink:

This tourney made me pretty hype. Usually I feel salty about losing, but this time it just made me want to keep improving. I hadn’t had much time to practice before this one, hopefully I’ll get more.

Also no offense to anyone but I feel like we all gotta step up our KOF game!

I was impressed. Definitely seeing more thought put into character selection and attempts to character match. Haven’t seen much of that before so that is a good sign

I really really wanted to play more games with Joel, he’s on a whole another level for sure. I’m taking that game way more seriously than anything else right now and it’s obvious that I still have a long way to go. I definitely want everyone else to keep leveling up because there’s only so much I can learn on my own (and online is garbage :frowning: ). Although apparently I need to learn everyone’s HD combos so I’ll be ready for whatever pop quiz Kevin has for me. I welcome any other questions people have on what they could/should be doing when we’re playing though, so feel free to ask!

I’m coming for that ass.

Also, I said I would win in Ross’ honor, I let him down. I’m so sorry Ross. /cry

Finally you understand your role

A big thanks to all of the people who contributed to the event including Omne, Slash, Wedge, Zony, BBH, and Darek. It was a great success, we look forward to the next one. Thanks again to the people at Game Trader for the hook up, as well as AJ for the point in the right direction. Also shouts to Nex at the Mercury for giving us a little shine, greatly appreciated! We have some pics up now;

See you at the next one!

The kids are taking over lol. Shouts to Honky Adonis on his work, this guy has been on the rise for a while, our next gen best I think. Sam Y clutched out so many wins in that tourney he barely escaped. From this last year there have been some great advances from the youth, old players on blast, which is the way it should be. In SF, Kwyjibo, Aaron, and Ben (the Balrog player) have shown it. In Marvel, Yugo and Choco are on the rise, with JediNoah schooling and I expect will be on point in the not too distant future. BBH and Fatbear on notice son, look out.

For the OG’s, congrats (I guess) to Sam Y, why ya gotta ruin that moment in AE? Hella boo’d. Shouts to BBH for pulling it out with Hakan vs. Jason Cole, sick counter pick? Also to Joel, absolute monster of KoF. Heard you have been around for a while with some strong victories under your belt. Please come back and impart some of that skill on the rest of us. I had a great time, always happy to take your cash in money matches Cole, someone had to stop that travesty. Bee-yaah!!! Ross as usual I respect your ability to play many characters well. SamB had to work sadly but Simon, where were ya?

Crews: Thanks to Eugene, Seattle, Salem, Tacoma and of course Portland for making it out. Darwin, thanks for bringing your posse. We’ll get the converter thing worked out for next time. Also shouts to the Tekken people, nice to see that played again.

General competition: Glad to see some change from the usual, more of that. Portland/Oregon fended off strong competition to hold the top spots, I invite everyone to the next Beatdown to test your might!

You led me on…

No joke. For someone as vocal as I am about playing this game I haven’t really put in the time myself yet. I promise to fix that as soon as possible. I’d like to see more KOF heads out on Tuesdays if you people are available, there is almost always a station playing it nowadays.

Best Bout Beatdown 8 Youtube Playlist -

To see the stream archive, please go to

Those KOF XIII vids are nice!

I revised the first post and thread title. Some ideas to make the next tournament go better.

Open doors at say noon, it’ll make sure people get there not late and everything.

Start signups either at noon, or 12:30. People can enter tournaments up to 15 minutes before they start.

12:30 at the latest: Doors and Signups open
2PM: 3SOE, MK9, AE2012 Start
3:30PM KOF13 Starts
5:30PM Marvel 3 starts.

Just an idea. Let me know what you think.

That looks fine, should be pretty hype. Last event was our best thus far, if we can get all the various clans out again it should rock. We got the momentum, let’s keep it going!

The main thing is that KOF13 needs to start earlier, just because of the sheer length the game takes.

Only the grand finals are 3 out of 5? Was it like that last time?

No last time winners and losers finals were 3 out if 5 too