Best Bout Beatdown 7 - UMvC3/SSF4AE/3SOE/MK9 Tournaments - December 3rd, 2011

I am guaranteed to be there, for marvel!

No KOF :frowning:

I haven’t bought the game so I ve never played a real person in KOF and my training mode time on the pc was like 2 hours max… I could enter but I’d probably get scraped, heh. But maybe I will depends on when it starts.

Yes, KoF is at 3pm.

Ethan: yeah I can bring my copy of course, no worries

I hear ya, I was kinda intimidated when I saw the Socal guys playing at EVO doing crazy shit… this is definitely one of those games where you want to be able to spend time in the lab learning how everything works for your characters before entering competition

dang breh. u play brass? /tooting your own horn

Have fun gaiz. We’re starting to play KOF down here, and I guess Amir is travelling to Salem to get practice in there. Would like to go and get bodied, but I’m in Fresno instead.

k seems I’ll be going up alone for this, I’ll try to be there around 2:45 or so (cant make it any sooner) for KoF and Marvel.

how long does 3s usually take?

A little over an hour has been the usual.

Just cancel 3s… No point in running that 20+ yr old game. It’s a waste of time and the only people who enter it now are people who didn’t play it seriously when it was played. You don’t see mvc2 tourneys ran because nobody plays it anymore and / or can’t so let the game die.

I love evo2k7 line-up but end it. It’s not like we play GG#R, mvc2, and cvs2 so why 3S…

Best Bout Beatdown 7 Result:

[LEFT]1: Cole[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3: Steve[/LEFT]
[LEFT]4: Dave-O[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5: PDX_Jive[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5: Chris[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7: Slash[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7: James[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: Angel[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: R Panda[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: Val[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: Omne[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13: Zony[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13: Mackinzie[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13: Dart[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2: 1TruKing [/LEFT]
[LEFT]3: Chocomuffins[/LEFT]
[LEFT]4: Yzae B[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5: Ross[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5: Yugo[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7: Dave-O[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7: Cole[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: Mackinzie[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: Steve[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: Slash[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: Eternal Blaze[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13: Hellsap[/LEFT]
1: BBH
2: Hellsap
3: Cole
4: Eternal Blaze
5: Dave-O
5: R Panda
7: AJ
7: Zony
9: Chris
9: Slash
9: Marcus
[LEFT]1: Cole[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3: R Panda [/LEFT]
[LEFT]4: Mackinzie[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5: PDX_Jive[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7: SlayU2[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7: Slash[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1: Tyler[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2: Cole [/LEFT]
[LEFT]3: Val[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5: Slash[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1: Zangief (Cole)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2: Adon (MacKinzie)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3: Dictator (Gieft)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3: Fei Long (Yzae B) [/LEFT]
[LEFT]5: Ryu (OMNE)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5: T.Hawk (Ben)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5: Akuma (Ethan)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5: Guile (Joe)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: Boxer (James)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: Abel (CPR)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: Ken (Slash)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: Claw (AJ)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: Sagat (Zony)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: Oni (Choco)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: Yang (Yugo)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: ElF (Angel)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: Honda (BBH)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: Blanka (Panda)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: Dan (Dave O)[/LEFT]

KoF and Marvel have the same results…

Still stuck at 5th place : (

I will try and do better next time!

GGs to everyone I played I had fun, I’ll get you one of these times Marty! It was good talking to you about mvc3 tech.

I didn’t get my money for my 2nd place kof finish.

cuz 3so brought a few new ppl. Yo YOU KNOW EVO 2K7 WAZ DA BEST LINEUPP! Mvc2 All DAYYYYYyy. P.S. I’m in Fresno and will be kicking it with Schmidt while I’m here.

I’m issuing a Cease & Desist towards that facebook page. I’ll see you fuckers in court

I’m issuing a Promote & Promote some more for the following.

Lord BBH’s Facebook Fan Page found here :

And Lord BBH’s twitter account found here:

You guys actually made a Lord BBH facebook?? LOL

BBH fan page updated!

Also, thanks to everyone for making it out, that was one of our most hype tournies in a minute. Eugene, thanks for rolling up. Seattle, thanks for rolling down, we will be reciprocal to both groups and be up for more Seattle tournies and down to Eugene for the Shoryuken League events.

For out of towners, we can put people up Fridays before the event as well as the day after. A big plus we would like to promote to out of town talent is that Best Bout is its own location, so we have no restrictions since it is gamer owned and operated. One of these events I would like to run an all night session post tournament that goes till sun comes up. We made it to 5 in the morning this time, not too bad ; ) Anyway, come in for the tourney, stay and party till the next day.

Here are some pics from the event, more to be uploaded;

See you at the next one!

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