Best Bout Presents: Throwdown Tuesdays PDX, OR Ranbats/Casuals Feb 8th

The Best Bout Gaming and the Portland area group are proud to announce Throwdown Tuesdays, a public casuals event dedicated to SSF4 and other games. This is something the gang has been working on for a minute now, we are happy to finally kick it off. This is to be a weekly session at a local cafe in the heart of downtown Portland. We’ll have public casual stations setup for SSF4, MVC3, SFIIHDR, Tekken 6, and BlazBlue and other games as players demand. If you are showing up specifically for a game that is not SSF4, it would be wise to let us know ahead of time.

Ranking system
We will be operating an open ranking system at these events based on the Game Spot Versus League in Japan. When you arrive at the venue you may enter a queue to play ranking matches at the designated station. 4-6 people from the queue will play at the station “arcade style” - that is, winner stays, losers goes to back of line - and count there win-loss difference. If any player reaches a positive win-loss difference of +3, they will rank up. If any player reaches a negative win-loss difference of -3, they will rank down (unless they are at the lowest rank). For any given ranking station, only players of the same rank will play. Thus, if any players in the rotation ranks up or down, they will give up there spot and another player from the queue will join the rotation. We will run stations for various ranks as the rank distribution among attendees necessitates. Each player-character pair is considered a unique entrant in the ranking system.

Every Tuesday from 7PM to 3AM (Ranbats Start at 9PM)
Cancelations: none at the moment! See you next Tuesday!

Purest Cafe, 115 SW Ash St. Suite 100, Portland Oregon 97204
Streamed Live at, bestbout on

Fighting game players of all ages. BYOC (Bring your own controller or stick).

$5.00 for the entire night! NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED.

More info
There will be 5-7 set ups (PS3 & 360) running games, and a good amount of space. Exhibition matches from Portland’s top players will be happening, as well as hype matches for everyone. Seasoned veterans will be available to give tips and lend advice, and of course all regular players and new players are welcome. This is a positive spot for leveling up, having a good time or just kicking it. Local regulars and top players will be in attendance.

People are welcome to bring friends and fellow gamers as well, and it should be a good turn out. If you are attending please let us know! We hope all regulars can make it out, and of course all new peeps are welcome.

The larger goal of this venture is to promote our local scene, and level up in the process. fighting games are now larger than they have ever been, things have been blowing up in the last couple of years. For our part in the Portland area now’s the time to step it up, and have a good time in the process. See you all Thursday! For more info as well as pictures of our events check out

Best Bout Gaming

Ranking System Standings


[details=Spoiler]—Rank C—
Matt “Lord_BBH” (M. Bison)
Alix “TheVangster” (Fei Long)
Angel “G_Effect” (Akuma)
Sam “fatbear” (Akuma)
Ross “FullMetalRoss” (Dudley)
Kevin “Kwyjibo” (Cody)

—Rank D—
Ethan “PDX_Jive” (Ryu)
Teddy (Guile)
Val “Mk_Master” (M. Bison)
SamB “SamB” (Cammy)
Jimmy “RandomPham” (Balrog)
Paul “Wedge” (Cammy)
Darwin “LittleBear” (Dudley)