Best budget stick (50-80) for PC use?


So with SFIV, i’ve been wanting to get to grips with a stick. I grew up on SNES SFII, and therefore pads, so i’ve barely ever used a stick. But now with 2 decent sticks available, i’m thinking of switching over. But the more I think about it, the more I come up with reasons not to go for the tournament edition stick.

I mean apart from being incredibly rare and being scared to break it in years to come, plus it’ll be costing 150, I doubt i’ll become a high-level fighter. I mean I play a lot of FPS games, and i’m pretty good, but I never join clans or buy expensive mice or keyboards or whatnot, I just play for fun. That’s what I imagine my future fighting game experience will be like - the occasional arcade mode blast, a bit of online mode, bouts with my brother, but nothing major.

So i’m probably gonna go for something more around the price range of the standard edition stick. Now I know that even the SE is pretty great, but there must be competitors. So in a longwinded way, what i’m asking is what are the best sticks available for use on the PC for around 50-80?

tl;dr - topic title basically. What’s the best stick for the PC available for around 50-80?



No one buys expensive mouse and keyboards for FPS.

Any mouse and keyboard will do (except the mouses with the balls)


what are you talking about… most good fps players use an expensive mouse, heres an example of a widely used mouse


Mice from Razer are good too =)


I use Razr Lachesis, at 4000 DPI, (I am also the only person that can use this mouse at this setting that I know, its kinda funny), and Razer Lycossa Keyboard. Love em, only con is $$


If you buy the 360 version of the standard SFIV stick it will work on the PC. There should also be plenty of other options with a PS2-USB adapter.


Standard edition Fightstick by Madcatz for SFIV or the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3/EX.

Easy to replace the buttons on both, cheaper, sturdy bases. Excellent for casual play, truly excellent.


Sure, if you aren’t worried about using a slow DPI mouse…


I think the PS3 version also works for PC, and it’s cheaper too.


this is true :nunchuck:

you can probably add sanwa buttons to the thing if u get the ps3 version and it would cost around the same as a 360 version :nunchuck:

(i used double :nunchuck: because that is just how awesome this is)


You are mistaken, most pro fps players use older optical mice. such as the MS 1.1/MX500/MX518/etc.

the only ppl that use the new lazer mice with over 9000 dpi are rpg/rts players and scrubby fps players that thinks your mouse dpi directly translates to skill.


I use an old wacom tablet myself (used to do graphics work), great speed and in a pinch/sniping situation I map the whole pad to the length of the screen, and use the stylus.

Tap Headshot :tup:

But quality wise I’d say drop for the standard fightstick madcatz is making, or the HRAP3 (depending on how much you want to spend)


I’m a PC gamer who’s never used a stick, and after asking around and doing a LOT of reading, I’m getting the standard PS3 FightStick. It seems to me it’s the cheapest stick readily available in the UK that’s even worth considering. (Of course, I AM a noob to this…)

They both (xbox/ps3) cost the same in the UK for some reason (70). were doing them for 55, but I dunno if that’s gonna be the price after all the fuss dies down and they get some more stock in. I emailed them, but they didn’t reply. I hope it’s not, cuz I pre-ordered from Amazon :sweat:

As to mice, MX518 ftw.


That sounds hilariously cheap. You ought to make a video.



the new point and shoot, the tablet!!


Doesnt mean oldskool players are better than newcomer and there is no point to be that impolite. I used MX300 till I broke it, now I stick with my G1.


gross, mx518 shits all over that and good fps players know it.


I don’t wanna be rude, but can we stick to arcade stick recommendations? I thank all those who gave relevant replies, i’ll take them into consideration.

Couldn’t care less about mice, I was simply saying a lot of gamers buy things like logitech G11/G15 keyboards and Razer mice which cost like, 50 and 30-40 respectively, whereas i’m using a 12 keyboard and 7 mouse and simply enjoying my game experience with whatever I can.

But yeah, any other arcade stick recommendations are welcome.


hey man i use a trackball for fps so screw all your mouses! only reason i posted that thing is because i use it for starcraft and its a beast of a mouse.

and we already gave you the best options for sticks.


for me, a good stick needs to be heavy and doesn’t move when i am playing. the street fighter 4 standard stick doesn’t look very heavy. i recommend the HRAP3. $90 on amazon.