Best button layout for fighter games?

I am trying to decide what button layout to go with for my home made fighter stick. I have looked at and there is a lot to choose from.

I can’t quite tell what madcatz have used for their TE fighter stick.

What does everyone recommend as the optimum layout?


I like 4 across the top, 3 on the bottom. Choose whichever curve suits your style.

You’ll have 4 across the top for Neo Geo titles, and your standard 6 for Capcom.

You could do 8 and get the same effect with one extra button. I think most people go for Viewlix or Astro style layout.

I’m thinking about for SF4 and the new fighters that will be released this year.

having at least 1 row of 4 will give you the best options for future games…

King of Fighters i think always uses 4, and BlazBlue is going to use 4.

i think those are pretty much the major fighting games currently slated for this year. i like having 8 buttons personally, just due to the versatility of being able to use a combination of layouts.

the SF4 TE sticks use a vewlix layout i think. the far right buttons are staggered a bit but strait across, 2 closest to the joystick are offset down a bit. i really like that particular layout. It’s really just preference though, find a layout you like and go with that.

I like the Madcatz TE layout. I like them the best.

I hate HRAP 3 layout, the downward curve sux. I always accidentally hit one of the buttons, so in SF4, I used only the first 6 and disabled the last 2.

Madcatz uses a variation of the Viewlix layout, but with 8 buttons. It’s this one from slagcoin:

I really like this layout, but I prefer it with only 7 buttons instead of 8.

It really all comes down to personal taste though, so there’s no way for anyone to say which will be best for you.

eight button ergonomic.

I like either the 8 button Ergonomic or the TE layout.

But it’s up to your personal taste.

I like the 6 button Vewlix layout a lot.

What I hate about the HRAP series is not the button layout, but how close the stick is to the buttons.

Thanks. Where can I find the ‘8 button ergonomic’ layout?

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Madcatz uses a variation of the Viewlix layout, but with 8 buttons. It’s this one from slagcoin:


Is this the official TE layout?

I like the six button layout where the bottom row is a bit closer to the stick… The “standard” layout I guess.
I don’t see why you’d need eight buttons.
I mean capcom games are six buttons. And for SNK you just use the first one in bottom row(for the thumb) and the three in the top row to make a curved line that fits the hand pretty well.



  • A B C
    D E F


  • B C D
    A X X

I have just realised that the Vewlix layout will not work if you are using Sanwa screw-ins. How crap is that!!

"Note that the bottom index and middle finger buttons are closer than 36mm to one another; they will not work with nuts stocked with Sanwa screw-in buttons."

(quote taken from

Is there a way around this or do you need to use snap-ins? The max depth for snaps is only 4mm though.