Best button type? Happ?


Hey guys, what is the best type of button for an arcade stick

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Since I grew up in bellevue, I’ll answer. Its all preference. It really depends on what you like. Feathery and sensitive or Stiff and precise . Arcade parts all have different characteristics . I suggest you try as many different types/brands as you can. That way you can figure out “whats best” for you.

p.s. try searching . there are many threads on this topic :wink: happy hunting!


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sometime i just don’t understand why make threads when have the essentials joystick thread or just ask in the absolute noobie thread.

all the info have been provided from the get-go.

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I like nikes. and pumas.
It’s really all about preferences. There’s many threads like these that will provide the same answer you will look for. For a starter, try looking at the sanwa and seimitsu guide by paik4life.


currently using sanwa, wish it was more stiff honestly


Two words

Personal preference


All amounts to preference. More specifically, U.S or Japanese style.

However one thing is for sure, and i know the majority will agree, CONVEX buttons! Concaves have their nostalgia factor i guess being that is what most U.S arcades had in the early days, but convex is just much more ergonomic, and comfortable on the fingertips. Especially for long duration play. Also helps out a bit in fast combos, whereas one might screw up sometimes with concave.

Japanese(Sanwa, Semitsu) buttons i’m not very familiar with but they appear to ALL be convex. As for U.S parts, Happ Competition convex buttons are the BEST you’re going to get.


Yeah, concaves just feel weird to me now, even though I recently built a MAME cabinet using them. Actually considering selling them and switching to Happ Competitions. I mean, they work, but convex is SOOOO much better.


Street Fighter 1 cab pressure sensitive buttons. Those things were awesome.


My local arcade MVC2 machines have concaves, and i still play well with them. If i could choose however it would always be convex.

Built 3-4 Custom Happ sticks in the past, used Happ/IL Competition stick & buttons for all.


I believe all sanwa/seimitsu buttons are convex except for the Seimitsu PS-14-G’s. They have a Plane plunger which is really flat.

kenshin- If the Sanwa buttons feel too sensitive, you should try Seimitsu buttons, my fav are the PS-14-GN series. They have alittle more resistance to them. No accidental button inputs.


hmm, what do you mean by convex?

I don’t htink I’ve seen any buttons sunken into the surrounding board, although I guess that would be neat


First one is concave, other two are convex.


Why does noone ever mention Korean Crown buttons?
They’re lovely!


I’d use Saulabi. Human based design. Will feel just like playing games in arcade room, the buttons used in arcade room, you feel just like playing games at the arcade room. Enjoy fancy look of the joystick.


Probably cause hardly anyone here has used them. I’d love to try some out sometime though.