Best Buy says No SFxT SE Pre-Order for me

Did any of you go through this?!

Best Buy just called me this morning to say my Pre-Order for SFxT SE will not be available for me

Pre-Ordered through online for in-store pick-up (back on Feb 2nd) (which I usually do for games)
but because someone over this last weekend came in and put $5 down for a pre-order,
I got nudged out of my pre-order copy
(why not just pay in full?)

I’ve been hyped for this game since announced last year,
and been very supportive and looking forward to the Gems System
Even got my confirmation pickup email this morning,
then they call to cancel it?!

Anyways, did anyone else go through this?
and does anyone know if capcom will have the gems available for DLC Day1?!

This is F’d

That’s weird. I actually put my $5 down for my copy on Saturday (they don’t let you pay the entire amount if you pre-order in store). Where are you located at? And I highly doubt the gems will be day 1 dlc. It would be nice though.

That is messed up. So the reason they canceled your pre order was because there was no money down on it? You still have 9 hours to pre order it again and put the money down. But honestly with that kind of customer service I would simply buy it elsewhere. I usually just go to walmart for my midnight releases since in a 2 mile radius there is a walmart, a gamestop and a best buy. Every time I drive past the gamestop there is a line going out into the parking lot. Best buy is usually not open for a midnight release and then walmart is like "oh this just came out? want a poster with it? as the guy opens one of 5 boxes filled with nothing but that nights games.

Best buy is going down the drain what more can i say.?

x2, after finding out the exclusive gems would be DLC at some point i thought why bother with gamestop, you can walk into walmart at midnight with no line what-so-ever (Mass Effect 3) and be out in 2 minutes.

Yes bestbuy wont have a midnight release over here,yeah man fuck bestbuy id stick to gamestop.

Yeh, I’m just screwed, as Gamestop will still accept ‘pre-orders’ for the Non-SE version, so doesnt really change the main problem of ‘will I be able to get the Gems Day1?’

Just have to hope Fry’s or Walmart will have them tomorrow

@KayoFrameTraPolice: I’m in South Bay Area, CA (Milpitas), which has many game stores,
but Best Buy is on way home, for ease of stop, pickup and go home

So, guess I’ll just rely the message to avoid Best Buy

thx everyone for response

Best Buy is notorious for their online pre-orders, and each one across the country follows the philosophy of hiring staff who don’t know anything about the products they sell.

As an ex employee of BB I can say that their pre order policy is shit you get bumped out of the way if your late for pick up or however they seem fit as long as you buy the protection plan on anything they don’t care who gets what

simliar shit happened to me, pre ordered the SE in store back in mid feb. went to pick it up when they opened and was told they didnt receive any sfxt SE. Stay far away from best buy if you’re going to pre order in store.

Yeah I decided to stick with Gamestop just having good standing on pre orders there is a best buy across the street but I had feeling like something you just went through would happen so I was like never mind them and to me the place seems to be interested in selling hardware more and just try to profit off games when they can because when I went a few years back for accessories it took them for ever to get the item restocked where everyone else had no problem keeping this item stocked so I only use best buy for hardware like the laptop or camcorder that I own.