Best Buy Tekken 6 Midnight Release Tournament BUY 2 GAMES GET THE 3RD FREE!

I work at Best Buy, and the main office just approved of any store who wants to do a Midnight Release for Tekken 6, DJ Hero, Forza 3, and Ratchet (they all come out on 10/27)!

The Best Buy I work in, Best Buy in Corona California, has just approved of a Midnight Release, not only that, but I want to host a Tournament right before we sell the game that night.

Tekken 6 PS3 Tourney
*Single Elimination
*Matches will be best 2 out of 3, Finals will be best 3 out of 5
*You can bring your own stick
*Tourney starts at 9pm so best to come in early that night to sign in, (Time start may subject to change depending on how many players)
*Winner will receive Tekken 6 for the system of their choice, or can put that value towards the Limited Edition Bundle
*2nd and 3rd prizes are still being negotiated, most likely it will be gift cards.

Also, once we get the game in, I’m putting the game on display the moment we get it so everyone can play it in advance. So I hope we get the game in on Thurs or Friday :tup:

Check your local BB’s if they are going to do a Midnight Release.

Oh yeah, there is a high possibility that BB is also going to get the T6 Stick Bundle since it shows as an active inventory item.

We tried to do a Midnight Release and Tourney for SF4, but that failed miserably because SF4 wasn’t hard street dated, but T6 is :bgrin:

More info about the Event will follow in a few days once I get the ok. Rules may subject to change.

One more thing, Best Buy is offering Reward Zone Gamers Club Members a chance to win a T6 Machine just by signing up for their club, it’s free.
Thanks to Wild Man X from the TZ forums for the info.

no one else enter except for me


Do I need to immigrate to the States to be eligible for this? :shy:

My fucking BB is stuck in ass backwards county where they won’t allow stores to do midnight releases.

Fucking douche bags.

I entered the Reward Zone thing.

OP, do you know if there’s a list of stores doing the midnight release?

Gonna email my Best Buy to see if we can get this thing going.

Man Best Buy is sooo far away from here, I hate living in the inner city with no car :tdown:

Hmmm awesome, I got something to do on the 27th. If only I had played Tekken 6 beforehand, hopefully King isn’t so different from 5.

tekken is a lot harder for me then sf…but then again, i have been playing sf for forever so

Good luck with that. At least some people still believe in tournaments for console releases for fighting games.

I doubt the BB around here is going to have a Midnight Release for any game (except Halo 3 back when it came out). You have a pretty awesome idea though; hopefully you get approval to run the tournament. It would at least give people an incentive to waiting around BB until the game’s officially released.

Can’t wait to get some Tekken 6 game-time in. Doubt my brother or I will pick it up when it first comes out anyways (he’s anti-Tekken since it doesn’t involve hadokens/fireballs…etc… lol).

Quick update

It looks like Best Buy will be getting the T6 Limited Edition Fightstick Bundle as well, its even advertised in the new ad.

During that Week of 10/25-10/31, Best Buy has a promotion if you buy 2 games you can get the 3rd game free, you can mix and match :tup:

Still no info on the Tourney since I need a word back from the Managers, but I’ll get the info as soon as possible.

oh damn, I better get my preorder in lol.

Hey, does this mean that you could get 3 copies of Tekken 6 for the price of two? This could be cool if true, because I know a few people that wouldn’t be able to shell out the cash for the game at full retail.

If that works, would the stick bundle also apply as well?

here’s the list of all the confirmed locations from best buy

props to

The Union store?

I’d feel bad if all the 8otb heads showed up, poors kids haha

cool that one BB is near me that is doing the midnight release

Wooo bayshore in ny i live down the block from it fck I am in lol

yea my best buy is quite a few ways from here, could be worth the trip though…

can I use pre-order for a other best buy at your store if they are not doing a midnight release.