Best Buy Tekken 6 Wireless Stick Bundle $30


I would post this in the “Free Stuff & Hot Deals” thread but thats gone. Didn’t want to let people miss a good deal like this so here you go.

Best Buy is selling Tekken 6 Limited Edition Fight Stick Bundle for $30 brand new. The only catch is that theres no delivery option so you’ll have to go for in store pick up.


A week ago, my local Best Buy was offering the PS3 bundle for $30 but the 360 bundle was still $60. I picked up the PS3 one just because of the price, kinda wished I hadn’t in retrospect. Heck of a deal, but I don’t really need a PS3 stick at the moment.


it doesn’t let me add to cart even with store pick up. i tried 8 different stores


For future reference:


I should redo that thread thats current and start fresh… all in favor?


I’m all for redoing the thread.


Are these wireless sticks as laggy as I would think they would be?


No discernible lag. I’d be more concerned about the huge deadzone & mushy pushbuttons though. Regardless, $30 is a heck of a deal for this bundle.


the stick isnt bad at all. 30 bucks is a steal. someone needs to come up on this quick.