Best C groove chars

what are the three best all around characters for c groove? an who has really good lvl 2 cancels?

Theres Sagat and Guile, then like Chun, Cammy, Blanka, Rolento, Honda, Ken. Then people like Eagle/Sak. Chun has the best level 2 Cancel. Ken, Sagat, Cammy, and Sak also have good ones, even though the good Sak ones require 1 frame links.

Although guile is a great C groove character, his cancels aren’t that great. His best 2 super combo is a link. lvl 1 barrage, lvl 2 sumersault xx whatever.

Ken, cammy, chun(hard to get the good cancels with), Rugal and Iori all have fantastic lvl 2 cancels.

My favorite C-groove team would have to be Ken, Guile, Blanka. Blanka does lvl 3’s, :p. Swap Guile for Cammy if the opponent is not in P.

C-eagle recycles his own meter after you cancel into a hcf+mk bc it builds him back half a level 1. in terms of damage alone, eagle has the most damaging level 2 super along with geese (4800). gief and raiden’s level 2 grab supers do 5000, but they can’t be cancelled into anything.

chun li’s is 4200 by the way.

Damn… Eagle counters ALL of Team Bas? :lol:

I forgot Kim, Inf that shit down.

what are you saying?guiles lvl 2 cancel is great

lvl 2 cancel summersault

PS ill get my revenge on you next time you come to mtl iono what the fuck i was doing it was still fun tho:)

Blanka, Chun, Sagat

lol, who said that:o?

and i didn’t mean it to come off like that. i just think eagle has favorable matchups with sakura, blanka, and bison. i did blow it out of proportion though. my bad.

and kang, are you going to midwest championships or evo? i’d like to get some matches in with you, hopefully show you eagle is capable of some stuff.


The most damaging non lv2 to lv1 cancels are:

  1. Kim: corner infinite (semi-practical)
  2. Kyo: (near corner) Level 2 flame super, roundhouse up kicks, f+fierce, whiff rekkas to OTG round pound. 7418 damage (practical)
  3. Ryo: (in corner) Level 2 fireball super, juggle backhand thingie, jump cancel, late roundhouse, land and fierce uppercut. 7108 damage (impractical)
  4. Kyo: (near corner) Level 2 punch super, cancel at 9th hit to roundhouse up kicks, f+fierce, rekkas to ground pound. 7096 damage (practical)
  5. Rugal: Level 2 wall grab, cancel to regular wall grab. 6900 damage (stupidly practical).
  6. Morrigan: (near corner) Level 2 uppercut super, land, whiff grab, fierce uppercut. 5908 damage (practical)

The rest pretty much all average out at 5600, with a few shitty ones doing around 5000.

  1. Sagat
  2. Cammy, Guile

Does this team look familiar??

is it possible to do a elect ball lvl2 -> lvl 1? if it is, does it do good damage?


:confused: :confused: :confused: :frowning:

You can do lvl 2 kick ball into lvl 1 electric ball.
Not sure about damage.

no i meant lvl 2 elect ball into lvl 1 elect ball

^ You can’t level 2 Elec Ball into anything.

in my opinion the best C groove characters are. Balrog, Gief, and Honda. they are all unstoppable.

gief’s crouching FP beats out any move in the game when in the hands of julian robinson =(

i think LZJ is the best C Groove player in the USA he was abusing air block quick recovery chickening BS before Japan :open_mouth:

bah, Guile should be N-groove. Lvl 3 sumersault justice is too good.

And Twitch, watch out for Iori’s command grab. That shit will be a free lvl 2 cancel for me.

What’s C-Iori’s fancy level 2 cancel? I’m still doing just level 2 into level 1. Is there something more damaging?