Best C-groove's characters

What is/are C-groove’s best character?

Thanks in advance!

sagat, blanka, vega, ken, chun li, guile, honda.

Sagat FTW!


Cammy just cause she’s Cammy.

Yamazaki and Rugal are both good in C groove.

sagat, honda, blanka, ken, guile, yamazaki, kim, chun li, rolento

Try Dan he is good also:looney:

ROLENTO is the truth in C-groove. i really like maki in C also, just because you can hold meter and you don’t have to take risks to get in and land your meter. hit and run, land that kick super, you win the match. her high jump kind of sucks, but you shouldn’t be jumping with maki in C if it isn’t off a knockdown/from some setup anyways.

Sagat FTW

c.HP/s.HP xx lvl2 super = big damage

Kim = infinite…the only REAL infinite in the game. Brokest ass shit ever. Makes you wanna call your girlfriend when you get hit by it, apparently.


…why do fools reply to dumb ass threads like this