Best CA Stun Combo?



What is the best CA stun combo I can do as Ryu? Meaning when I do his CA and it guard breaks the opponent, I have to dash in correct? If I jump or do the solar plexes the opponent recovers.

Sorry still a noob Ryu…


Never seen anyone do anything after a blocked Ryu super, I have on a blocked charged fireball while in vtrigger though.


Well from any type of guard break. Either from the Charged Fireball or blocked CA. From my understanding you can only dash in but when I do I don’t have time to do anything. They should let you jump in.


You can dash in cr.fierce xx DP or if your close enough do solar plexus. I pretty much always use dash in cr.fierce xx Dp.

Usually land it off Crush counter sweep xx V-trigger whiff - charge regular fireball.

Means you don’t have to use the EX bar for the EX charge.


Thank you! I will give that a try. BUT if they have an EX move, that should go right through the fireball correct?


Very few moves are fireball invincible on frame 1, only Vega ex roll and Zangief Lariat are immune afaik, aside from DPs and CA, and you can bait Lariat and whiff punish it if you backdash, just like DPs,


Depends the distance also, if you make sure you sweep just at the point it will just whiff ( because you’re trying to CC a button remember) , most characters can’t do anything about it.

I think Ken has the longest reach reversal.

I think maybe Uriens EX headbutt avoids it too, can’t remember.


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