Best Capcom character(s)

I gotta say possibly Felicia, Commando or Hiryu


Cammy and Felicia are good, so is Commando, but no question about it, STRIDER IS THE FUCKIN MAN:evil: !!!

Strider Hiryu is the best Capcom character in MvC2. StriDoom can actually go head-on with the Big Four. Strider’s biggest drawback is the difficulty of pulling off his moves consistently, which leads to a high probability of whiffing and getting killed. If it weren’t for that, Strider would dominate the game completely.

After Strider would be MegaMan. MM has a decent trapping game. He also has a good enough selection of useful projectiles (fp; Rockball or Tornadoes) and high-priority normals to effectively out-turtle rushdown. He can go head-on with a runaway Storm and win about 5-5, and can beat rushdown Mags and Storm pretty consistently. His projectile assist is really good, providing easy comboability and it can punch through super-armor.

After MM would be a toss-up between Felicia, Cammy, and Anakaris. All three have effective rushdown games. Cammy’s a little quicker with some nice solo comboes, Felicia does wonderful with assists and adds some great assist-punishment, and Anakaris has a wierd rushdown with a 300% combo off of Cyke. He can also go head-on with runaway Storm using Coffin Drops.

Next would probably be all of the characters with decent point games who provide excellent assists. Captain Commando, Tron Bonne, Ken, Jin, Guile, Charlie, etc.

Finally, the last Capcom character worth mentioning is Servbot. Servbot on balance assist with Doom has excellent space control and chipping options, plus he rapes Sentinel for free.

Anyway, I’ve typed enough.


No, I’m not. Most people who hate on Servbot have just never actually tried him out. builer/Servs/Doom teams can be quite effective in the right hands (The best builder option is BH), and Servbot/Doom with meter really does flat out cream Sent.

Your right remy Servbot can fuck shi’t up real bad with Doom against Sentinel, I’ve tried it before and was played by it before, it’s nothing to underestimate.

Megaman, I’ve seen top tiers get owned hard my good MM keepaway along with Sent/AA ofourse. Plus unlike Strider MM can actually take a hit. I’ve faced a lot of good Striders who really have a great defense game to prevent themselves from getting hit but eventually they do get hit and when they do they get hurt… HARD!!!:frowning:

Strider/Doom eliminates that chance GREATLY, but Strider by himself or with a shoddy secondary assist isn’t the best Capcom character IMO.

Tron/Cammy/Captain Commando are runners up IM:o.

sent (or cyke or some other meter builder)/serv/doom

sent builds meter
plus is good with doom who also happens to counter commando

then serv comes in with mad meter

let the chipping games begin

the trick is to keep the opponent grounded.

how do you do that? call doom assist. if they dont block the rocks, they take damage. if they are dumb enough to block them, then you call out your chipping super. GGPO there goes like 40% of sentinels life easily. its really amazing how much chip damage this thing does

You guys are really forgeting the potential behind Dhalsim. Sad to say he really gets raped by Capcom AAA.

strider one on one is kinda right but he loses his best asset. trap w/ massive chip damage.

capcom has very nice priority and fair damage on assist and on point…

cammy has a nice air combo w/ kba…

but capcm recks them all w/ all his ninjas and stuff…

It’s more than just Doom, though. You want to always keep Servbot at the opposite end of the screen from Sent. In that position, a c.fp or fp RP goes right over Serv’s head and a jp RP falls too short. From there, you’re free to harass with rk Servocopters, fp Servbot Rushes (which break super-armor, BTW), and Doom. Servbot Swarm as you have meter. Hopefully, you have BH or Cyke AA to help deal with the possibilty of Sent flying around your shit. EDIT: Even w/o a good AA, proper use of dashing combined with Doom and Servocopters should still keep you ahead.

The two best teams are:

Iceman (var)/Servs/Doom is also decent, but Iceman has a much harder fight vs. the Big Four than BH or Cyke do.
IMHO, Sent/Servs/Doom is not good because Sent-a isn’t as useful to Servs as Iceman (var) or the AAs, and Sent-y serves the same purpose as Doom, but with less chip.

I believe Strider has much more then just chip damage. He has high priority, he’s probibly the fastest capcom character in the game, he has the strongest projectile in the game, great mobility, good crossups, super fast projectiles, good rushdown, space control, Momentum changing special, can tag characters in safely, and good DHC/frame-kill. Also he has just about every weapon to stop the big four. His only problem is defence and moves hard to execute excessively.

I vote Strider cuz he fucks shit up. The only top Capcom character, also has a better strategy than fegaman.

Strider with assists vs. an entire team =:D
Strider one on one= :slight_smile:
Strider by himself vs. an entire team= :frowning:

snaps fingers Oh, yeah, Sim is pretty good too. He feels kinda wierd and takes a lot of practice (more than StriDoom even), but he is pretty tight once you get him down.

Definetley Strider is da big ballin CAPCOM character great speed which enables strategic rush downs and he makes the best use of both ground and air chain combos while his Ouroboros allows lends a good hand in this for extra strength and chip damage plus with his rushdown speed the partner assists come in handy


Um no it’s pitiful enough that they HAD to give him combos

:confused: Hunh? I’m sorry, but I’m afraid that I don’t understand what you mean by this statement.

At any rate, yes, Sim is good in this game. The length on his normals allows him to get in a lot of safe single hits, he can FK, he’s a decent meter builder, and he does have some pretty good comboes. But they’re very advanced comboes, and take a lot of practice to get down. Sim also needs a cover assist like Sent-y, Storm Proj, or Doom AA.