Best Captain America reset ever!

Launch /\ jp, jp, jp double jump behind magic series.

TOo Fuckin good.

Is this supposed to be a joke or am I missing something???

No it works try it out! :eek:

captain american and thanos

in corner. j.roundhouse v short> forward> s.roundhouse+ thanos assist capture type> shield slash(capture hits)> short> forward> s.roundhouse> shield slash xx final justice xx damage:127

ay while ppl are listening how much priority does this freakin j. u+hk of his have for pete’s sake? I cant launch him out of it, the only thing that works are dp’s, which neither magneto or storm has. I use aaa’s, but if Im alone, im screwed on the jump in catergory

or…launch j.lp j.lp (light pause)j.lp jump)j.lp j.lp j.hp…fucks a nigga up