Best capture device for PS3 using low-end computer?



I’m wondering what the best capture device for recording PS3 gameplay is using a low-end computer?

This is what I’m working with My computer

I was gonna go with Black Magic, but my computer can’t handle that.

I’d like to record some gameplay from my PS3 and maybe put it on YouTube. It doesn’t have to be OMGHD, just better than SF3SOE.
The quality of those uploaded replays are a let-down.

Right now, I’m using video spyglasses from ThinkGeek to record. As you can see from the below videos, I need a better solution.

To my surprise, albeit not a big demand, people do want to see games played by a physically challenged individual. So, why not supply that demand?

Do you have any suggestions? Looked up Dazzle vids, and they were alright.


I pulled this with a Canopus - which is a little pricey and only does SD, but puts next to no load on the computer.

You really ought to specify things like budget, and whether you want to capture your hands as well as the machine output.


Okay, you’re right. I’d say let’s keep it to ~$115. Not $150

As for my hands, I didn’t know that was an option. I was just just going to use my webcam for my hand


I don’t have any experience with it, but this looks like a decent match for you:





AVerTV HD DVR (PCI express x 1) still the best solution for you!

Don’t worry about the minimum requirements, they’re only needed for encoding on MPEG 2/ MPEG4.
Use the trick with an older drivers (1.12.x.21 max) and record with a loseless codec like ut video ou Lagarith, your Pc can handle that.

You just need to split the HDMI signal with an HDMI splitter compatible HDCP and need 3 HDMI cable to connect them, 1st fron the PS3 to the HDMI splitters and 2 others to your PC (for capture) and to you TV to play without lag.

Oh! Just need a dedicated HDD because a loseless capture take 1,5Go/ min at 30 fps (you can compress after).

With an Intel Celeron 540 monocore at 1,86Ghz on XP SP3, i’ve captured an HDMI signal 1280x720 @ 30 fps with ut video.