Best cartoon that no one is talking about WAKFU!

Wakfu is a new mmo made by french company Ankama, currently being published by Square-Enix. It’s a turn based tatical style rpg with all kinds of classes and fuzzy characters you can play with. I forgot I had even signed up for this but just got an email today.

Currently it is in closed beta but open beta should start soon. It also has a beautiful cartoon associated with it. If you can find it. Will post relative links shortly.

Lets get some opinions and speculations up in this bitch.

Link to beta download(lol at the panda)

Wakfu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here is a link to episodes of the show as well.

Season 2 resumes on the 29th of October. Look forward to it!!

All episodes on Tofu are translated and subbed fairly quickly.

I got into the beta, is anyone else playing? I made a character and killed some starter mobs but I haven’t really explored it much yet.

Feels fun so far and there’s definitely a lot of space they could use to expand. The art style is cool, the in game graphics are clean, and the interface is fairly solid. It feels kind of like Stella Deus but you only control one character, if anyone’s played that.

I believe a colleauge had an artbook for this and/or their previous game (but why would the artbook be out so long before the game? I dunno). These guys have a really nice, original style going.

And lol at the thread title :rofl:

I remember this because I used to play the very original game the french company created, called Dofus. (SRPG style MMO)

I was GM of the #1 Guild from closed Beta through Live until quitting. Sold my account for like 3k or something.

Man that was a long time ago. Shit was hella Korean style grinding though.

Can’t believe they’ve changed name and now have a little co-deal thing with SE. Crazy.

Hm, I wonder if some of the GMs and Admins of Dofus could get me into the beta. I’d give it a shot, but the furry is strong.

Athan has played another shitty MMO. What a surprise.

DOFUS was okay I guess. This game looks shitty though.


You know you want to play this game about as much as you would want to play with Athany’s smooth and hairless testicles.

man the art style and graphics are sooo nice. dont know if i can hang with all the furryness though…

This is the squeal to Dofus, a game that has been out for years. He probably had an artbook for Dofus.

Idunno…I saw a couple eps of Wakfu, and didn’t dig it. I’m on some other shit from Canada+NA. I can’t get into anything from France.

[media=youtube]H2JrWJfdoqk"]Maybe your advanced human brain just couldn’t comprehend the savage awesomeness!! Don’t make me force de-evolve you like [URL=“”[/media]

BAH! [url=]Your petty sorcery concerns me not]("[/media), for I possess a higher power: Friendship!! But seriously: entertainment-wise, France sucks for me. Too lame for me. America, Canada, Japan, and the UK are all I fucks with.

Well maybe you owe it to yourself to atleast try the game when the open beta comes around. Not that I care, I just thought that being around like minded people would help ease the burden of your social stigma.

Stigma, whatever. As far as I can tell from the chan boards…furries are the only ones who like Wakfu. I’m walking like a duck here. What’s with calling me a porcupine? I like cartoons. I seem to also not like stuff furries like. Get over it. You can’t shoehorn somebody into some homo fandom they aren’t interested in.

MMo’s are for sofa-whales. Wakfu sucks for me. I have a ps3 taking up my free time. I don’t like rpgs either so this is completely out for me. Deal, dude.

oooh, Kitten’s got claws.

More like HORSEshoeing you in to it. Really though, it’s a win-win for you. You make new friends and stop going to shitty and worthless sites like 4chan. For a guy that likes cartoons you sure do seem biased against the french, [media=youtube]aEAObel8yIE"[/media]

They may be considered masters by some…but they haven’t done anything that appeals to me, so I don’t even see them. Wait…did they do A.T.O.M.? That was actually petty good.

Kinda like sunlight and your own blatant bigotry.

Anyway who is actually playing this yet besides HBRD? Which of the three classes available are you gonna use first. Prolly gonna run Cra so I can spam arrows like a douche but then again it is turn based.

I made a melee dude, and will probably try a healer. Depending on how helpless healers are solo, I might end up as something else. Time mages look cool.

Rhio changed his avatar, I’m sad this one isn’t as furry as the other one. But I guess it “better” suits your image since you aren’t a furry. Game looks like it could be terrible or good by a narrow margin.

EWWWWWWWWWWWWW turn base style? That could mean ANYTHING, this is the same tune that square’s been playing since my teens. Square it’s past it’s prime. Spirits with in destroyed square and it represent everything that’s bad about the company.

angelpalm, you never stroke me as a weeabo. How wrong I was.