Best CD-R media for burning backups/homebrew?

Hi, I was wondering what you guys are using to burn backups/other data discs.

I’ve always used Memorex, and heard that Maxell is garbage. My girl went to the store and confused the two, and got me Maxell.

I was going to return them, but now I’m not so sure they are horrible. Anyone know about these? What do you guys use?

Dont think it matters much, just stay away from maxells and those no name ones you find from the drug store.

I personally use Riteks/Ridata, heard they were pretty good. Cheap as well.

Yeah so I guess I’ll be returning these.

I used imation to play some back-ups on the DC. Surprisingly they worked pretty well.

Ive always used memorex.

i use the GQ ones. you can get for a nickel each. so far no problems YET.

ridata or their premium brand

media matters, cheap media will fail after several years

i use Fujitsu for DC backups.

imation DC Backups = random resets on all my DCs.
don’t use the Colored Memorex CDs as well. they seem to be pretty hard to read. (they don’t boot half of the time.)

you don’t need a big name brand. verbatims are probably one of the good ones.

also can’t go wrong with GQs

I just use any CD-R or DVD-R I can get my hands on. I bought 10 CD-RW the other week without realising they don’t even work on a DC without midification. So I just hammered them with little bits of data and music, of course I went back to the shop and got some CD-R.

To mention names, I’ve just been using anything that isn’t a cheap twenty five discs for a tenner or anything like that, usually ten packs. Brands like philips, TDK and Sony, none of which have faled for my uses. Basically DC, PS2, DVD, data, things like that.

Although I’m not familiar with side effects, because I know some discs fuck consoles lasers. It’s something to do with the coating of the disc being too much for the laser…It suposedly makes them die out quicker. But my PS2’s dieing anyways so I’m not really bothered about it.

memorex and sony suck for me. They just won’t work
I use TDK , no problems so far

Wow, I’ve burnt alot of backups and homebrew on memorex, they have never failed me.

You sure your not thinking about Maxell?

Never heard about any problems with Taiyo Yuden, but I just use whatever I have.

I have no problems using TDK DVDs and Sony CDs, both of which I purchase on spindles at Costco.

Might be reffering to a differnt type of DVD disk, they come in both dvd5 (4.7gb) and DVD9 (8.5gb) some brands are fine for one but complete crap for the other.

Though I wouldn’t recommend DVD9 unless you’re ripping video DVDS and want to retain perfect quality.

Taiyo Yuden
Best CD and DVD discs

get a better cd burner (a cheap one like NEC is great), and you’ll usually get full compatibility with everything. Even the worst no name CDRs I get still burn at 32x and end up being perfect backups. Just buy whatever is cheapest and isn’t blank on top (reflective top). The discs with the gray tops generally have more protection and more layers, which generally guarantee’s that your discs will stay the way you burned them.

Taiyo Yuden

I tend to agree but low quality disks tend to fail after a given amount of time. So unless you plan on backing it all up again 3 (random number yes) years later, it’s better to shell out for the good disks and forget about it for a while.

Ah, you see, I asked what “CD-R” media you guys were using, not DVD, but that is handy to know.