Best CD-R media for burning backups/homebrew?

both memorex cds and dvds don’t work for me. They suck
after using some brands like vermatin,memorex,sony. None of them work for dvd burning and memorex didn’t work for cd burning either.

then I found this media TDK and the dvds/cds just work perfect.
if you are looking for cd media, this is the brand to buy from.

I’ve ripped over 50 data selfboots on memorex gray tops, they have all worked first try.

Maybe your getting those lame “cool colors” Memorex’s. The gray tops have always worked for me. Maybe your burners are crap or something. In fact I just went and got another spool of 50 today.

Taiyo Yuden by far.

Memorex has never let me down.

not even gray tops
I haven’t tried those colored ones, they look cool but I think they won’t work.
you know I used to buy memorex before but I stopped using them when I began burning back ups and homebrew.

Weird, your the only person I have ever heard having problems with gray top memorex. Must be your burner.
mitsu gold (BEST)
Taiyo Yuden (very damn good)

Add me to the Taiyo Yuden list. Those are the only CD-Rs still manufactured in Japan, and Taiyo Yuden co-developed the CD-R format with Philips so they know a little something about making them. Their DVD media is considered the best as well.