Best cell phone on the market right now

i’m in the market for a new cell phone, seeing as i just lost my phone and the contract expires in 2 months anyways.

first, which providers would you recommend?
in terms of coverage, price, and the phones they offer / support?

i’m interested in cingular.

i know the razr and the new slvr are pretty popular, but what else is nice on the market.

i really like the ericsson s710, but i heard it was discontinued.

get the treo 650…from sprint…great all round phone…they sell the treo 650 really cheap at fry’s electronics also…good luck!

Sup Abby thats a really cool phone endless features but Sprint service (Coverage)is not that good.They have nice plans but like I said their coversge is not great.

Coverage is in this order:

3.T Mobile

Nextel had the most dropped calls last year and the year before that.2Way feature does not make up for that

Sprint has good plans but not so good coverage

T Mobile has ok plans and ok coverage (Cute Phones)Dont get it cause of the SideKick2.They have IM/PDA phones through all other services

Verizion has ok plans least amount of dropped calls last year ok Phone but they are tough in their service Very Strick

Cingular has Cute Phone and Decent plans and the Biggest Network 42+ million customers so I kinda would pick Cingular They have raised the Bars:lovin:

I would never, ever, EVER give Cingular any more money. They still owe me 50 bucks and refuse to send it to me. Also they dropped my calls like a motherfucker.

I have a cheapass 20 dollar flip phone with Sprint and have never had a problem, sprint rules. :tup

I 2nd the Cingular hate.

In fact, everyone I’ve EVER know that’s had them gets literally about 30% of thier shit dropped, so I’d really like to know where Hydro got his info.

Cingular was the worst, I’d never go back.

  1. Verizon
  2. Tmobile

the rest of the companies suck

Their billing could be a little bit better (especially during start up of your contract when the customer service reps simply do a shitty job explaining what all the B.S. fees are for) but once you have your regular monthly bill it’s hella easy to pay online, all I need is my phone # and my password, no dealing with Non-English speaking Indians.

But then again, last time I called I got some hispanic dude I couldn’t understand well either. :confused:

Verizon - if you’re rich, get a LG VX8000 and up. I think the 9000s are out…

Want a clue why they’re the best phones?

Where I work, we do ALL internal development builds on those phones because they kick total ass.

I started off at AT&T on an Ericsson phone… it was ok… at the time
I’ve done Cingular on the old Nokia 8800s… dropped calls like a motherfucker
I moved to T-Mobile… actually had an old N-Gage for awhile cuz it was hackable as shit… was pretty satisfied with T-Mobile… rarely dropped a call.
I’m not on a Treo 650 on Verizon, great phone, great coverage, i’ve been dropped from a call about 5 times in 4 months. They’re real strict with their services… so if you go to Verizon make sure it’s a phone you want to stick with.

If you’re bitchy about phones and change them every 5 seconds move to T-Mobile… sim cards for life


I have an Ngage and I play THPS and KOF on it all damn day at work.
So that would be my recommendation, but I don’t really use it as a phone all that much, so my opinion probably doesn’t matter.

Ok Just go with Verizon least amount of dropped calls like I said and it depends on the phone some phones get better service:tup:

I know what im talking about

WELL VERIZON AND SPRINT SHARE THE SAME TECHNOLOGY WHICH IS CDMA…SO THEY BOTH HAVE GREAT QUALITY…ALSO…SPRINT DOESN’T CHARGE FOR ROAMING AND ONCE YOU DO ROAM ON SPRINT…IT PICKS UP VERIZONS NETWORK WHICH DOESN’T CHARGE YOU AT ALL (sorry for the caps) also…sprint has the nights starting at 6 pm rather than 9 pm for every other company…whats up hydro! call up sam and roll to sacramento fool! the treo 650 is nice but if you want something cheaper get the blade aka the samsung 900…smokes the razr badly…hope this helps!

I pay five bucks a month so that my free nights start at 7pm, dunno why you think sprint has nights after 6, if you don’t pay five bucks it’s at 9 like everyone else. You CAN lower it to 6 but I think it’s like 8 bucks a month to do that.

I Said They Have Nights Starting At 6 Pm And Yes Its Ten Bux More To Do So…THANX FOR THE ANAL CLARIFICATION.

^ Talk like a human next time, thanks.

I’ve got Sprint and I think my nights start at 8.
It’s a good service, but it’s a little too expensive. In theory, Sprint-to-Sprint Calling is great, but too bad no one else has Sprint.

Aye Saffrans Ghost…stfu!

I 've been with T-Mobile for years & I’ve never had any trouble with calls or customer service. Plans with them are the best I’ve had ever. In fact, I can’t see myself with any other phone company but T-Mobile. Billing is pretty good as well for all the features I have on my Sidekick phone.

I got the new Razr phone, but its already fucked up (I let a freind use it & he dropped it in a puddle of water). So now I’ll probably have to get a new one if I can’t get it fixed.