Best char on their own

Who would be the best char to fight w/o assists against an ENTIRE TEAM?
Lets say ur playing Santhrax and the opponent snaps commando in early in the match then kills commando and then Sent, would Storm be able to fight by herself w/o assists against the other team? Same thing for every other character.

This list is based in the opinion of others, not mine

Top Tier

High Tier

(List is to be continued)

Thoughts, comments, discussion…

ermm… i dont think cable even with meter would be on top of mag and storm when it comes down to fighting alone.

cable sucks if he’s alone…

hey, dont forget ryu…

i can beat high & upper tiers with ryu one on one with the exceptions of ironman & omega red…

well, at least for me… =)


On their own against one other character or on their own vs. an entire team?

yea ts definitely storm

top 3 are debateable between whos better solo.

I say its magnus. He’s one hit kill anywhere on the screen. Thats something that storm\sent don’t really have.

Why are your tiers practically the same as if they had assists?

Storm would probably be #1. Without assists, her runaway ability is unstoppable. And her rushdown ability is also improved. People won’t have a get-off me commando/psylocke/cyclops assist.

Magneto and Sentinel would also be good. Magnus rushdown and Sentinel flying stompdown would be hard to counter without assists.

One big change is that Cable would go down. Cable needs assists in order to stop rushdown.

Iron Man would go up. When anyone fights Ironman, they try their best to keep him at bay with their assists… but since that wouldn’t work in this scenario…

Strider would probably go up aswell. Ouroburous fills the screen with far too much crap, although meter building would be limited.

storm > mag > sent == storm

this is considering teams as well

Wait is this like a one on one both characters with full life? If so I choose Iron Man.

Strider without Doom? =/

talking about this game without discussing team mechanics is fuckin stupid


man I dunno from what I seen storm or mag.

magneto is #1 in 1on1 match…

he can beat his co-top tiers w/o assists

storm eats magnus alive

only character that can fuck with that bitch is sent

this shit isn’t even up for discussion

really? i didnt know that… maybe there aren’t any good storm players in my place… :sweat:

Doom is a pretty well rounded character.